Today, Democrats watched in collective horror as Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. 

Although a conservative, Kennedy provided a pivotal vote to uphold the rights of women to make decisions about their bodies and the rights of the LGBTQ community. 

Justice Kennedy's decision will reverberate for a lifetime. The progress we made of building a more open and inclusive country will undoubtedly come under attack. We will live in a time when a women's right to make personal decisions about her health will be lost. Who we love will once again become the subject of hate. The values we hold as a modern, 21st century democracy will be weakened by conservative radicals on the court.

That means voting isn't enough. Taking back the house isn't enough. 

If we want to retain the rights we hold dear, we must flip the Senate blue. 

Senator Mitch McConnell set a precedent in 2016 that supreme court vacancies shouldn’t be filled in an election year.  Nothing should happen until voters get to decide control over the Senate, and it's up to us to ensure we flip it blue this November. 

Thankfully, we have four fantastic candidates in Texas, Nevada, Tennessee, and Arizona to do just that. 

We have 4 fighters ready to be a check on the President's power. When they help us win back the majority, we can get a justice that will be an advocate for the American people.

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