Our family carefully chose to make West Melbourne home. Its location is perfect. The schools are excellent. It's inland enough to reduce the worries of oceanside living, close to the airport, convenient for shopping, and easy to get to all the amazing places in Brevard County. It's also very near our work places. 

I am running for West Melbourne City Council to help grow our city into a shining example of central Florida living on the Space Coast.

Life should be about compromising, carefully navigating sensitive grey areas, being prepared to learn new things, and changing our minds when the evidence demands it. Life should not be about us versus them, purposeful ignorance, turning a blind eye, or greed. We all recognize that some people are doing well and that some need some help. We will all go through good times and bad. In every case, we should support each other as friends, neighbors, colleagues, and members of the City of West Melbourne community. 

The West Melbourne City Council should support our community, grow our community, and promote our community. The Council should be transparent, sensitive, objective, courageous, and fair. As a City Council member, these will always be my priorities.

Your contributions will be gratefully received and be used to help promote my candidacy. Together we can help West Melbourne become a strong and proud central Florida community supporting the core industries of the Space Coast.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!