My name is Wendy sellars and I'm running for the North Carolina House of Representatives in District 80.

In 1984 I moved from New York to North Carolina with my family after my father lost his job that he held for 20 years. I graduated from Thomasville High School in 1985 and attended North Carolina Central University where I majored in Political Science.  After graduation from NCCU I started my career with the Department of Corrections. A Promotion to Probation and Parole officer in 2001 landed me back in the Triad area and in 2002 I returned to Davidson County. I quickly found several opportunities to give back to the community that supported me by volunteering in our school system.

In  2010 I was appointed to the Thomasville City Board of Education and served for 5 years with my last 3 years as both Co-Chair and Chairperson. In 2015 I was elected to the Thomasville City Council.  My service on the council allowed me to interact with many citizens and I learned from them what they feel is needed in our district. I heard things like quality education, affordable health care and solutions to the mental health and opioid crisis.  

These are problems that need Solutions sooner rather than later.   

Quality education has always been a passion of mine because I understand the value of a good education.  I know and appreciate how much my public school education helped me in my development as a youth. I know how a lack of education and career skills contributes to crime and despair in our communities.  I also understand that we as a community and state must work with educators, our community college systems and our local and state stakeholder to implement workforce development programs into our schools.  We must increase the pool of qualified, skilled workers in our State so that we ensure our current industries can continue to be successful.

It’s time to not only assist our students who choose to attend a 4 year college or university but to also encourage our students who want to go directly into the workforce.  As a county and state we must quickly realize that we are losing a generation of skilled construction and trade workers.

One specific initiative we should focus on is the exciting prospect of developing an Advanced Manufacturing Academies in our county School systems.  This would be a great asset for our schools and our students, but more importantly, it could definitely be an economic development incentive for District 80 and Davidson County.  

A community that can offer this type of skilled workforce could place itself in a very strong position to attract more high paying employers such as Xceldyne and Unilin.  

Affordable Health Care is a topic of concern for many district 80 families.  I have heard stories of how families struggle with the decision on taking their children to the emergency room or paying the high cost of co-pays at the physician’s office.  I have heard stories from families about how they must decide on whether they should buy medication or but food.

We as a State must commit to helping these families and individuals navigate our healthcare system and bring relief to those in need.

More than 100,000 parents in North Carolina don’t have insurance because they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but too little to purchase private health insurance. North Carolina Legislators should pursue policy options to use available federal funding to expand health care to all uninsured adults.

As a Probation officer I have seen the devastating effects of opioid abuse and Mental Health issues that plague our district. The rapid infiltration of these diseases into our communities is mindblowing.  Everyday in our state an average of 580 individuals will try heroin for the first time, Most will be under the age of 25. It was estimated that about 174 individuals died from an overdose in 2016 in North Carolina.  A 28% increase from 2015, that’s one person every 8 ½ minutes.  Last year nearly 1 in 10 North Carolina high school students reported attempting suicide, an increase of 86% from 2011.   In North Carolina Between 2011 and 2015, suicide was the 2nd leading cause of death for North Carolina youth between the ages of 15 to 17. This is unacceptable!

Many don’t realize that Mental health and substance abuse are often closely related.  When mental health treatment and medications are not available due to the absence of health insurance self medicating with illegal substances are normally the next step.  The opioid epidemic in Davidson County is much like many other communities across North Carolina. The faces are the same, the families are the same and so are the the limited resources to help stop the devastation.  

I feel with my experience I can go to Raleigh and offer Common Sense solutions to these unfortunate everyday issues.  

My decision to run for this seat is and has always been because District 80 families are a priority for me and I feel passionate that people deserve a better quality of life.  As a councilwoman I have come across hard working people who are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet.  I am running because I know their struggle and I know I can help. North Carolina is my home! The people in District 80 are my friends, family and my community.

Representative Chaz Beasley of Mecklenburg county once said the world is only changed by people who believe they can do amazing things, I believe we are those people.  Thank you

As I close I would like to leave you with why we as democrats should be proud of our foundation:

As the oldest continuous political party in the world, the Democratic Party has evolved to its commitment to freedom, fairness, human rights, and responsible government for over 200 years.

As Democrats We pledge to continue this tradition.

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October 9, 2018

30 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Team Sellars is continuing to work hard everyday to meet the voter's in District 80.  We are not letting up,  No days off, foot on the gas all the way to November 6th.  Would you please help us by making a donation of any size to this campaign.  Also we need volunteers to work the polls during early voting starting on October 17th.  Contact this campaign today!

September 2, 2018


Our campaign is still working hard to get our message out to District 80.  We still need your help to win this election.  Can we count on you to volunteer and donate financially?  Let's push through to November 6th!!!!!

July 12, 2018

Volunteers are needed!

Are you looking for a way to support democracy in North Carolina?  Consider being the most valuable part of this campaign.  A Volunteer!  

We are actively looking for friendly, energized and motivated individuals to come help Team Seallars with their grassroots campaign.  What does that mean?  It means we need people with boots on the ground knocking on doors, making phone calls and getting the Vote for Wendy Sellars message out to Davidson County Voters.  WE NEED YOU!!!!!

Campaign created!

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