On August 11, I will turn 40. In these 40 days until then, I ask you to contribute to my birthday campaign for political change, which will support the following four women candidates:

So why these four women?  

Well, first, why four at all? There are so many good candidates to support -- so many important elections that deserve our time, money, energy, focus -- but the more of them I add to my small campaign, the less impact we'll have for any one person. So instead of the temptingly symbolic 40, I've chosen one candidate for each decade: 4.

And now, why these? Well, as everyone is saying, taking back the House of Representatives this November is our immediate focus. This is the fire. And I'm a Virginian, and three of these women have won their respective primaries in their so-called "swing" congressional districts in Virginia and have a real chance to flip their seats from Red to Blue. 

But as we fight the fire, we need to fortify our foundation. I've heard financial advisors say that even if you have massive debt, you should still budget savings. Roots and wings. So many analogies. But the point is, as we target the House, I still have a bigger goal of achieving gender parity at all levels of our nation's governance. So the fourth woman has a chance of flipping her gubernatorial seat from Red to Blue; but she also has the chance of progressing this country by putting one more woman in an executive position, and becoming this country's first black woman governor. These are roots we need. This is a future I want, in addition to a Blue House.

I will also add that I share experiences with these women that make them even more appealing: #Lawyers, #PreachersKids, #BoyMoms, #Navy, #Intelligence.

40 days. 4 women. $4,000 goal. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for contributing. Thank you for believing; but thank you more for acting.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!