Thank you for supporting me on my bid to represent the students of Caddo Parish! I am the mom of two beautiful children currently in the Caddo Parish public school system who proudly attend their neighborhood school right down the street from our home.  Any decision made as your School Board Member would be made, first and foremost, as a mom.  It's time to have a mom on the school board making decision on behalf of the students of Caddo Parish as if they were making decisions for their own children.  That is what I will do!

We are losing vital funding for our schools through the Industrial Tax Exemption Program.  Businesses can apply for school tax exemptions! This is taking away much needed funding from our schools.  Throughout the school year, parents and teachers are asked to  help organize, implement and pay for fundraisers to fill budget gaps for needed supplies and teaching tools.  It's aggravating to see the work we as parents and teachers put into these events while tax breaks are being given to industrial businesses.  There are too many areas where we need more funding.  Teachers are buying supplies out of pocket.  Paraprofessionals are poorly paid.  Caddo Parish does not have universal Pre-K.  We are not in a financial state that can justify giving these tax breaks.  

I want to put more focus on our neighborhood schools.  Our schools are the foundation of our community.  Even if you don't currently have children or grandchildren in the school system, we should all want what's best for our neighborhood schools because our property values are directly affected by the desirability of our community's schools.  

I want to see more access to recess for the children of Caddo Parish.  Research shows that it is very important for young children to have a break from instruction time to release energy.  Recess is beneficial for behavioral problems that lead to distractions in the classroom.  Louisiana has one of the highest obesity and ADHD rates in the nation.  Recess could be a healthy, inexpensive solution!

I hope you will put your trust in me! I am just a normal mom, wife and neighbor that wants to see the Caddo Parish School Board put OUR children first.  I appreciate your support.  On November 6th, let's put our children first.  

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!