I have been working since I was 13, helping my parents with their independent pay phone business. My Father was a self-made man and strives for my brother and I to do the same. I have been In the construction industry since I graduated high school. I have been actively watching and keeping my finger on the pulse of politics since before I could vote. The last 17 years I have watched as the powers shifted from the people to corporations and politicians and do not like where we, as a country, are headed. This is by no means an attack on Republicans or Democrats. This is an attack on career politicians. The time has come to take our country back. I am running because we as a nation need to make a change, and bring our country back to greatness. I believe the way to do this is to wipe the slate clean. Elect new officials to implement changes for the people that elected them into office, not for the corporation or individual with the most money. I'm tired of hearing story’s about a Vet trying to be taken care of at a VA hospital and having to fight to get needed and deserved services. I’m tired of laws restricting low socio economic individuals and families from prospering and becoming a victim of the corporate incarceration machine. We’ve made capitalism into a class system and the divide is becoming bigger. The power struggle has tipped in the favor of those that use it for there own self gain, not that of the country’s. This nation of ours needs to be protected. Our founding fathers new this and they wanted the power to be in the hands of the people. Right now it is not.  This is our revolution. Help me take our country back. 

Our constitution was written and put in place for a reason. I don’t want to take your guns, I don’t want to take a woman’s right to choose away. I don’t want to make a career of this.  I just want to shake up the system. Show the lies and deceit that this 2 party system has allowed itself to run away with. We as a people are told that this is the land of the free, but we have so many rules and to be #1 in the world at locking people up tells a different story. 

Listen, you either know what I mean and you're with me in this fight or you don’t and you aren’t. This is a fight for the people by the people. I don’t want money from corporations I want support from you. The Wife, Husband, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, who remembers when the American dream was attainable, can remember when your vote really mattered. 

Just a quick list of some of the big topics I believe and don't believe in:

Gun control: Don’t believe in it. The founding fathers wanted us to have guns so our government wouldn’t hold all the power and I still believe that. 

Women’s right to choose: It’s their body, their right and their reason. Nuff said. 

War on drugs: End it. Much like a woman’s right to choose it’s our body to put what we want in it. 

Universal healthcare: If you want free healthcare we need not pay more taxes. We need to pay elected officials less or put them on a private healthcare plan like the rest of us and see where that goes. 

Lobbyists money: They aren’t my people, they aren’t the ones who would have elected me or whomever into a seat of power,  Why would I take there money and do what they say over a neighbor or friend from my neighborhood or district. No. Not what any official was or has been elected to do.

Term limits: This is something that should have been put in place long ago. It stops the system from becoming corrupted. 

Thank you for your time. 

J. Manzella

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