Steve Greene is a lifelong resident of The State of Michigan. He grew up in Livingston and Genesee Counties, is a Junior Achievement Alumni which started a 35-year radio broadcasting career at the age of 14. He went to Lansing Community College in a Michigan State Transfer program where he studied under dual majors, Telecommunications and Criminal Justice. His experience as a street reporter and news anchor / director in major markets including Miami, Cleveland Detroit and Lansing give him excellent background with civic government.

He currently is devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of domestic animals who have been abused or abandoned. He rehabilitates dogs with behavioral issues for non-profit rescues, helps people in Flint find or access bottled water and assists with feeding hungry people of his neighborhood with their weekly pop up help tent.

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    “I endorse Steve Greene because he is a progressive candidate who will put people and their issues first.”

July 8, 2018

Steve Greene Political Platform

Cannabis Legalization

I support the legalization of cannabis and its removal from state and federal drug schedules. Cannabis-related arrests and sentencing creates racial inequality and affects people of color disproportionately. We can use legalized cannabis tax revenue to re-invest in the health and welfare of Michigan. This tax revenue can also be used for infrastructure funding. I also think a progressive income tax will help Michigan. By legalizing cannabis, we can research it better and end the war on a plant and the people who use it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Civil Rights

I believe that discrimination and punishment against Michiganders for whom they love and who they are is inappropriate. Michigan is a state that lacks protections for the LGBTQ+ community. I would support legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity by state agencies and support equality across sexual orientation and gender identity. I believe Michigan needs to address the disparities that exist in educational and employment outcomes, health outcomes, criminal justice outcomes, or access to democracy. I support the immediate repeal of the Emergency Manager laws that have disproportionately affected people of color in urban communities. I believe that an environmental justice program should be enacted within the Department of Environmental Quality to make sure that people of color have the equal access to clean and healthy air and water. The Michigan Department of Civil Rights should be restored in both staff and funding, and needs teeth behind punishments for violations. There must be state-enforced legal consequences for violations in order to create real justice.

Criminal Justice Reform Criminal justice reform is imperative. Mandatory minimum sentencing and three strikes sentencing laws disproportionately affect low-income citizens and people of color. Discrimination like this has far-reaching consequences. I also am against for-profit prisons and local jails. We should focus on rehabilitating our citizens and provide meaningful job training for the incarcerated, investing in the future for these citizens.

The police also need to be properly recruited and trained so that the police work with communities of color instead of against. I believe complete transparency and accountability from the police force in all issues is imperative. Police department complaints of excessive force should be subject to the review of a non-partisan, non-appointed Citizens’ Review Panel.

Economy I support legislation enacting a statewide $15 minimum wage. We need real economic opportunities for Michiganders. Most of the power and wealth lies in the hands of the economically advantaged right now. We need to empower workers to make living wages in the face of corporate profits increasing and real wages dropping.

We can build a more equitable economy through attracting and retaining industries that are resistant to automation and outsourcing, investing in employment that supports the industries we want to attract, develop human capital, provide legislation that protects workers and attracts responsible employers, and partner with organizations and unions that will help us to develop employees of all ages. Our community needs economic development districts to identify areas of blight and decay and offer state and local incentives with public and private partnerships designed to bring targeted wages and employment training opportunities.

Education We need to start reinvesting in our schools by increasing the amount we pay per pupil and increase funding in low-income districts. We should have wrap-around services in schools so that students get the additional services they need such as social services, meals, counseling. We need to support our teachers and invest in them by raising salaries, protecting benefits, and encouraging teacher training and support.

We should protect staff from violence and overwork and hire the specialized support staff they need such as bus drivers, librarians, counselors, and substitutes.

We need universal pre-K and a higher education system that makes our public colleges and universities affordable. Vocational training programs and certifiable trade degree programs at colleges are also important.


I believe Michigan needs to move expeditiously to renewable energy investment in our electricity grid and other utilities to make Michigan both energy efficient and affordable. The current fossil fuel industry and infrastructure threatens our public health and poses pollution risks to the Great Lakes. We need to retire coal plants and move to more sustainable, environmentally stable energy platforms.

We can leverage financing for a clean energy infrastructure and increase green manufacturing jobs. A renewable energy system will protect our natural resources and reduce reliance on a fossil fuels while creating Michigan jobs.

With President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change accords, it is up to the state to protect our environment. We can protect Michigan’s natural resources by reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and protecting water safety, while stimulating the economy.

Flint’s Water Crisis highlights our environmental failures. The citizens of Flint need a permanent answer to their destroyed water system and state funded aid to reduce water prices and restore what emergency management and lack of responsible oversight stole. We need to protect our Great Lakes and reinvest in public water piping infrastructure, end to rush to give away our public infrastructure to private interests. These efforts will result in good jobs for Michiganders.

Government Reform

We need to require our government to act responsibly and with transparency. Michigan currently ranks at the bottom of states on government transparency. We need to change our forfeiture laws and protect the rights of Michigan citizens in their property and freedom. We need to get money out of politics by passing a resolution calling for an Article 5 Convention. The Article V convention route for proposing amendments was our founders' safeguard for representative democracy in case our federal government ever became unresponsive to the people. Currently, five States have passed resolutions applying for a limited convention under Article V to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will ensure the integrity of our elections. As well, district gerrymandering needs to be brought to a permanent halt. Together, we can save true representative democracy for ourselves and future generations.


I believe healthcare is a human right and I will work to create and pass a Single-Payer healthcare program for the state of Michigan. This will have the additional impact of relieving small businesses of the burden of health insurance coverage for employees and enable an economic revitalization.

We need to increase the public health budget to adequately address public health issues such as mental health, immunizations, STD testing, and contraceptive care. We have to address provider shortages and improve access to health care facilities in both rural and urban settings.


Our infrastructure in Michigan is crumbling. We need to rebuild our roads and bridges to ensure continued economic vitality, which will also ensure good construction jobs. Access to our services, businesses, and schools is paramount and we cannot continue to let our state’s infrastructure fall by the wayside or be given over to serve private and corporate interests.

Poverty Poverty can be reduced with progressive taxes that force corporations and the rich to pay their fair share,. We need to commit to technical training and apprenticeship programs to combat automation and offshoring of jobs. A livable minimum wage of $15 per hour will ensure Michiganders can afford basic living costs. Affordable housing must be made available, along with equal access to good schools and healthcare.

Social Security

Although Social Security is a federal issue, I support all laws and programs that continue to provide the program to those who have invested in it, our citizens. Social security should not be eliminated, reduced, or phased out.

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    “I endorse Steve Greene because he is a progressive candidate who will put people and their issues first.”