We need transparency, inclusiveness, and fairness in local government and that is the main reason that I am running for County Commissioner.  Corruption is giving our community a terrible reputation.  I'm running as an independent so you can be assured that I will work for the citizens, not the local party!  I can win with the support of the people.  Today I believe most people vote for the person, not the party, so let's get to work and win this election!

I have a strong record of starting and growing a small business from the ground up.  I know how to take a good idea and implement it and I know how to work within a budget.  Public safety, infrastructure like roads and bridges, and education should be our priorities in government, not funneling money to large corporations in some shady economic development schemes.  Spending the hard earned tax dollars of our citizens is a huge responsibility and one that I take very seriously. 

There should never be any question about whether cronyism or nepotism is taking place in government.  Funds should be spent with the utmost judiciousness in these uncertain times.  Just as the taxpayers have to carefully mange funds at home, I will watch every penny of taxes that is spent by the three Commissioners of the County.  Good ideas, innovative thinking, transparency and an organized approach to implementing these ideas will win the day during these tough times.  With your support, we will win and make positive change!  We'll pull corruption out by the roots, we'll implement good ideas, and we'll have a County government that we can be proud of again.  Thank you for your support!

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July 9, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!