My Kingsburg roots run deep. Generations of small town community, voices, and values are instilled within me. My upbringing has embodied much of the comradery Kingsburg offers; I want every infant, child, teen, adult, and elder in our town to feel that same sense of pride and belonging. We grow up fast in small towns. As a young, hard working mother I have excelled academically and professionally to become a leader among my friends, family, and neighborhood.

As a small town girl, still in high school, I began my journey doing my part  to serve. From Kingsburg High homecoming queen to central valley community organizer, I have focused my schooling and career on connecting and educating our neighbors through civic engagement, sharing resources,  and promoting strong family values. Workshops, community clean ups, family gatherings, and hosting leadership trainings for local youth are how I spend most of my weekends.

A little over a year ago I was appointed to the Community Services Commission by  Kingsburg’s Mayor, Michelle Roman. In this position I advise City Council on parks and recreational activities that take place in town. Serving on this committee has shown me the need to communicate more effectively and openly with all of our neighbors.  Overall, I want to make a difference. I want residents from all sides of town to feel their voices are not only heard, but respected. I am ready to serve for our kids, our parks, and our community. Kingsburg has pushed me to dream big, now it is my turn to give back. Vote Jewel!

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    “Youngest daughter of our Central Valley to step up and say I Can be the Change! Love her!”

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