My name is Brandon Nelson and I am running for State Assembly in California’s 4th District because I see a new wave of opportunity on the horizon for California. I believe that the California legislature is in a unique position to catalyze prosperity in our state, and I want to use my background in International Relations to facilitate between the different communities in our district to make it happen. My goal is to work with leaders and community members to create tightly knit and far-reaching networks in our district to enable that we can work together to address everyone’s needs. By using this strategy, I intend to make District 4 an example for the rest of California.

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry is out of touch with what the basic needs of District 4 residents are. Residents are facing a lack of affordable housing and are unable to get the jobs they need to provide for their families. Despite this, I believe that we can close the housing gap in California, stimulate our economy by reducing unnecessary restrictions, and raise the next generation of skilled workers.

My message to Californians:

  • Let’s revive the development of affordable housing! Many families and individuals, particularly people in the 18-30 age group, are unable to find affordable housing in their communities. By reducing the regulation at the state level and that the state currently compels cities to enforce, we can encourage developers to begin building the homes that California residents so desperately need. I believe that by minimizing the role of the state where possible, we can allow municipal governments and their communities to engage developers and ensure they have the housing that they need.
  • Let’s bring jobs back to California! Over the past few years, businesses have been leaving California in droves, which means fewer jobs for Californians. We need to reverse this trend by making the State more affordable, not only for businesses but for individuals and families too. In order to achieve this I want to reduce the overall tax burden in the State and eliminate outdated regulations that have been on the books for decades without being phased out or updated.
  • Let’s grow our cannabis industry! California has become a leader in the cannabis industry over the last few years and we have a wealth of natural talent in the state. However, cannabis businesses see an average 30-35% markup of product prices due to taxes from the State level down. I want to reduce excise taxes as much as possible to allow our budding industry to flourish. I look forward to working with cultivators, processors, and businessowners to ensure a minimal ramp of future cannabis regulations so that we can ensure the success of our marijuana and hemp industries.
  • Let’s bring back vocational training at the high school level! Too many of our students graduate high school with no idea of the opportunities available to them. At a time when the United States is facing a shortage of skilled workers, we have an opportunity to connect our students with training and jobs. I want to collaborate with trade unions and educators statewide to raise the next generation of skilled workers through vocational training.

My commitment to the people of District 4 will strengthen ties within our communities and help make California more prosperous. Together we can get more affordable housing, bring back the jobs that Californians need, and train the next generation of skilled workers. Donate today and let’s get to work making California prosper!

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