I am a lifelong resident of Northern Broome running for Broome County Legislature to be an advocate for Northern Broome's taxpayers and residents. Northern Broome needs a bi-partisan voice that will look beyond party lines to see which options are best suited for its residents. I want to amplify the voices of Northern Broome, streamline your unique ideas and work to meet your needs.

In addition to voting, I believe your voice needs to be heard for "the system" to work. As such, you will see me at town meetings and local events ready to listen and discuss your needs and to work out what my being elected to a position in the county legislature means for you. 

As a voice for Northern Broome's taxpayers and residents I will engage in:

- Responsible budgeting and creative solution debate for county issues including: 

  1. Highways 
  2. Transit – including rural transit 
  3. Senior population needs & impacts

- Rural issues discussion & action on issues, including:

  1. Agriculture & business creative development
  2. Health & emergency services
  3. Substance abuse prevention

I graduated college from SUNY F.I.T. with a Bachelor's degree in marketing. From there I became my own boss. I operated as a small business owner for over 20 years in industrial imprinting and embroidery, working on military contracts and in athletic apparel.  From this, I learned project and financial management.   Research of real financial figures for budgeting is essential to putting and keeping Broome's current fiscal situation on the right track. 

I have been involved in my community as a Girls Scouts of America troop leader for 22 years, have worked on local community musicals for 20 years on set design, and have produced signs for the Whitney Point Fall Festival since it began.  I believe in building community – getting individuals involved in their surroundings, as a foundation for better health and living for everyone. 

Five years ago I went back to college, and I now work as a general practice paralegal.  My experience with legal research and law will be an asset in a county legislator role and in comprehending the complexity of the legislative process. 

Any and all campaign contributions are welcome and most appreciated. Your generous donations will be used to fund gas for the large geographic door-to-door aspect of the campaign enabling me to hear from as many constituents as possible, to generate printed materials such as palm cards and lawn signs, and to pay for campaign event rent/entrance fees.  All of these are essential facets of a successful campaign. 

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, your donation, and your support. 

On November 6th, Vote Warfield.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!