We can not expect change to happen by electing the same people over and over and over again. That is why with much ambition and unwillingness to conform I have decided to join the race to be the mayor of Baldwin Park. 

My name is Emmanuel J Estrada and I am a son, husband, father and activist. I advocate for human rights and organize with fellow activist to serve the homeless and support affordable housing, and single payer healthcare. I strongly and firmly believe that Cities have the power to combat the issues hurting us, our families and neighbors. 

The Platform:

  • Affordable Housing, Rent Control & Tenant Rights
    • Housing is a human right, and together we can guarantee it.  Baldwin Park currently has a higher eviction rate than Los Angeles County. The inability to afford housing hurts us not just economically, but also takes a toll on our health. Senior citizens, people of color and minority groups are predominantly affected. The high cost of rent leaves families with little to no money; this reduces their ability to afford healthier meals, and other needs such as health insurance. The constant stress of how one will pay the rent on time hurts our mental and physical health. No one should have to choose between a leaky roof or a meal, that is why I fully support building affordable housing, and putting in place tenant rights that will ensure rents can't skyrocket and that renters can't be evicted without just cause.  
  • Climate Change, Green Spaces & Walk-ability
    • As polar ice caps melt and summers reach all time highs our Federal Government is silencing scientists and California is loving fracking. It's time municipalities become greener. What is a walk-able city ? It's a city that reduces driving in the course of everyday life. They help mitigate climate change by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promote healthier and more active lives. Now, Whats a green space? It's an area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes. Green spaces reduce the urban heat island effect, which plays a role in making cities warmer and smog creation. Green spaces clean our air! Trees remove a wide variety of air pollutants that could increase the risk of certain cancers and have adverse effects on children and the elderly. 
  • Local Economics
    • By supporting local businesses we can fight wealth inequality and the stagnation of our economy. When we shop at a corporate store our money is funneled out of the city into corporate shareholders pockets. Promoting entrepreneurship will give the working class the opportunity to leave behind corporate, starvation wages. Buying local will keep more money in the economy and make purchases twice as efficient in keeping the local economy alive. Local business offers product diversity and protects us from becoming a clone city.
  •  Social Integration & Civic Participation
    • Democracy can not exist without the participation of our constituents. Privilege and inequality can be eradicated with social integration. It is vital now more than ever to ensure everyone is being represented. 

Together we can fight the socio-economic barriers that are hurting our mental and physical health, it's not in our culture to be poor and there's no reason to conform.

Your contributions will help tremendously, I don't take corporate donations which means donations like yours are all I can accept. They will be used to pay costs of printing and advertising as everything else will be volounteer driven or done by me. 

Thank You.

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September 20, 2018

Union Strong!

I am proud to announce that we earned the endorsement of the National Union of Healthcare Workers! This campaign strives to represent workers and stand for human rights.

Campaign created!

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