The Indian River is one of the most ecologically diverse waterways in North America, and it is in trouble. It has been in trouble for a long time. And one of the main reasons is that it’s seen as nothing more than a cash cow, a resource to be used up, and a backdrop for photographs to sell the image of the Space Coast while we allow its precious ecology to be destroyed.

The current slate of commissioners has been looking at short-term economics only. “What can we get out of this? How much revenue can the Inlet, the beaches, and Indian River bring?” On the Commission are developers and Chamber of Commerce presidents. It has been a long time since anyone on the Commission has had a mind for science and ecology. And all 122 miles of the Indian River plus six inlets from the ocean—not to mention the turtles, seabirds, dolphins, whales, and all the sea-life—depend on bringing science and common sense back to the Commission. It is time to fix what we have broken.

So I'm running for Seat 5. I want to make sure we still have a river to enjoy—a living river, for us, for our children and their children and all their tomorrows, not just for developers today. It’s also for the plants and animals that call this area home. This isn't just about us: we share this world. Ecology is more than what is seen on the surface. And we need to remember that.

I have degrees in science as well as a Master’s in education with over two decades in instruction in science and communications. I am an author and long-time environmentalist who has been in the trenches of the deep-ecology movement. Now I want to work to make real change from the inside out.

We need to be good stewards, to look for what is sustainable in the long-term and not to act out of short-term profit or expediency. If you live in Brevard County, south of Rockledge (Districts 3, 4 and 5), or south through Indian River County to south of Vero Beach, please vote for sustainability, for science, for stewardship. Please vote for me.

Please consider helping financially, if you can. We don't need much, but we need some. And with just enough financial assistance, we can win this race and help make one of the most ecologically diverse waterways in North America healthy again.

And share this page if you can—via text, email, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Even if you can't contribute, sharing this will still be a tremendous help.

Please help us bring the Indian River back to vibrant health. Help elect me to the Sebastian Inlet District by donating so we can get this done.

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August 23, 2018

A Pre-Primary Update

Thank you for giving me so many reasons to work so much harder. I appreciate your confidence in me. And when the primary passes in a few days, there will be so very much more to do. So I'm up early to make sure it gets done.

Education is part of the job of the Sebastian Inlet District. They are charged with creating educational programs and assisting the schools and libraries of Brevard and Indian River Counties in implementing them. Yet no educator sits on the commission and no program has ever been implemented. I want to change that.

We are close to having the funds to do so. We need just $890 more to make sure we have the cards needed when I go door to door. To make sure there is a sign at every polling place on the day of the general election with someone to tell interested voters why they should choose me. And for social media advertising for reaching into Indian River County. We are close.

I'm asking, if you havn't pitched in yet, if you could help me reach that goal. And, if you have, with my very great thanks, if you could help by sharing this. With that done, I can stop asking and spend all my energy making sure on November 6th, we win this seat and can get to work.

Please, if you can, help make that happen.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!