I'm Caleb-Michael Files and I am running to be your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for SMD 1B02 because I can see what's possible when residents, business leaders and  community leaders collaborate together, we can achieve prosperity for all of our residents. 

I am making an effort to talk to all 2297 registered voters in the district before election day by knocking doors every day and hearing from our neighbors what issues are important to them that I can work on at the ANC level. 

I have served in leadership roles in community organizations and within my union. I am an active member of TNG-CWA, WBNG 32035 and work as a Communications Strategist at the AFL-CIO. 

Statement of Principles:

  1. Public investment for the public. The District must focus on dramatically increased public investments, both by bringing in increased tax revenue from the wealthy and by creating a public bank to fund investments in our communities (instead of doing business with Wells Fargo). We should not be offering public money to Amazon to construct HQ2 in DC, and I will oppose any attempt to site HQ2 in my neighborhood.

  2. Sanctuary for all. All immigrants are welcome and an integral part of our city. I support a robust sanctuary policy in DC and will work to keep Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) out of my neighborhood. We must provide legal aid and defense against deportation to immigrants in our community.

  3. Healthcare for all. Universal healthcare is a right. Reproductive healthcare is healthcare, and I support the operation of and free access to clinics that provide abortion and medically accurate sexual health and education services in my neighborhood.

  4. Black lives matter. I support policy to dismantle systemic racism and its effects, including mass incarceration, militarized policing, overpolicing and surveillance of Black spaces, and residential and school re-segregation. I will hold the Metropolitan Police Department, Metro Transit Police Department, and other special police forces publicly accountable when they violate the civil rights of our residents, and advocate alternatives to policing wherever possible. I support the construction of truly affordable, integrated social housing in wealthier and whiter neighborhoods. I will work to ensure businesses in my neighborhood do not violate the city's Ban the Box legislation, and will defend the rights of our returning citizens.

  5. Support the working class. We must make DC a city that works for the working class by supporting higher wages, equitable development without displacement, and increased protection for tenants. I support a living wage for all, and will work to defend renters' right to safe, properly maintained, and affordable housing in my neighborhood.

  6. Commit to climate justice. Our planet is facing climate catastrophe. I will support policies for a just and equitable transition to a zero-emissions local economy as soon as possible, including 100% renewable energy in the District by 2035. I support taking cars off the road by building human-scale public transit, safe bike lanes, and walkable neighborhoods that make the city accessible for all residents. I will work to fully implement the Vision Zero plan to eliminate road deaths in my neighborhood.

  7. Support for sex workers. Sex work is work, and I support the right of all workers to make a living in a safe workplace, free from wage theft, and without fear of harassment or stigma. I will work to decriminalize sex work in the District and ensure sex workers cannot be turned away from city services or housing in my neighborhood.

  8. Education for everyone. All students have the right to a good education in a safe environment. We must end the school-to-prison pipeline, so I will work to ban out-of-school suspensions and to remove police from campuses in my neighborhood. A healthy school environment includes the well-being of educators and staff, so I support unionization and will defend collective action to secure a living wage for all workers at schools in my neighborhood. I support making admission to the University of the District of Columbia’s undergraduate and graduate programs free of charge to all District residents.

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August 24, 2018

First Round of Literature Ordered

Thanks everyone! Today I was able to order my first round of 1000 pieces of literature. I am going to hit the doors this weekend some more and talk to some neighbors and continue to hear about what I can do for our neighborhood!

I still need your help to purchase signs for the district. Each sign costs $3.50 each! I have identified 150 places for signs which comes out to about $550. I need your help to make this happen!

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