You might know me as the woman who was fired for flipping off the Presidential motorcade. That story has been told many times nationally and internationally.  And while it may be the most public display of my political opinion and activism, I have been deeply involved in the Loudoun County community for nearly 20 years.  

The majority of our county voted for Hillary Clinton. The majority voted for Ralph Northam.  It's clear the values of the Trump Administration are not our values. And I believe it's time those values are represented on our Board of Supervisors.

Those who know me, know that I am not one to sit idle. Whether it’s standing up for a cause, such as our First Amendment rights to peacefully protest the policies of the Trump administration, or working to ensure our children and teachers are given every opportunity to succeed, I do not back down when I see something is not right.

And now is one of those times. Over the last eight years, the Algonkian District has been represented by a supervisor, who has repeatedly voted against the interests of so many in our area by slashing school funding, allowing irresponsible development, siding against sensible transportation solutions and putting partisanship above governing. I can't sit by and allow this to go on for four more years.

That is why I have decided to run for Algonkian District Supervisor in the 2019 election.  Because I believe change starts at the local level. 

If you live in the Algonkian District, you may know me through my affiliation, work or volunteer activity with:

·       Horizon Elementary School (classroom parent, classroom volunteer, PTA)

·       The Algonkian Running Club (co-founder, run leader)

·       River Crest Riptide Swim Team (sponsorships, social media, and volunteering)

·       Boy Scout Troop 956 & Girl Scouts (chaperone, badge counselor, Board of Review member)

·       Dominion High School sports teams

·       Galilee United Methodist Church

·       LA Fitness, Gold's Gym, Inner Power Yoga, LifeTime Fitness (instructor)

·       Loudoun Symphony String Workshop (albeit many, many years ago)

·       Political campaigns (Andrew Resnick for Supervisor, Jennifer Wexton for Congress)

The above list gives you an indication of my devotion to our community.  As a working single mom of two teenagers, I have struggled with paying the bills, fighting traffic to get to work and not having enough hours in the day.  But as Hillary Clinton says, if not now, when?  

I believe it is time for honesty and transparency in local government.  It’s time for a supervisor who works with the school board instead of cutting the budget by nearly $15 million, and nearly $100 million over the past eight years. It’s time to plan smarter for growth as we add 3,000 students to our schools each year and 11,000 new residents.

Loudoun County is one of the most prosperous counties in the country.  It requires a government that is forward thinking and visionary in it’s approach to finding creative solutions to the challenges that come with rapid growth and development. It is time for a change.

Be a part of it. If not now, when?

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    “I'm not in your district, but anyone who has the guts to tell it like it is to Trump deserves my support. Thank-you, Juli!”

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    “I'm not in your district...not even in your state, but you are a hero! I admire and support the action you took in 2017 and would support anyone else who had the guts to do what you did. Bravo and good luck!”

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    “I strongly support Juli because is exactly the kind of representation we need!”

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    “I endorse this Woman because she is Strong, Self Thinking and a great judge of Character. Got get them Juli! ”

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    “She is out front in protecting the 1st Amendment and has served her community in numerous ways.”

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    “Juli has got what it takes!”

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    “She is awesome”

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    “We need more people like Juli to step up to make a difference in their community by running for office!!”

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