I am running, and starting early, because health care and the Supreme Court cannot wait until another full election cycle. Senator Susan Collins’ immediate reaction to Justice Kennedy’s retirement was to state that Roe would not be a litmus test for the nominee. This is a huge problem for me and women around the country. She needs to realize that Maine and the country are watching her upcoming votes and she will be held accountable for those votes.
Senator Collins has forgotten who she represents. Rather than putting her constituents first, it has become apparent that when it comes to the tough decisions, it is President Trump and the GOP first and Mainers last. Our healthcare is in shambles, thanks in no large part to her failure to stand up to Senate Majority Leader McConnell, when he steamrolled her on a promise of fixing the Affordable Care Act for a vote on the Republican Tax Bill. For years we have watched as she has said one thing, and then voted the opposite way. This upcoming vote on the Supreme Court will be the ultimate test for Senator Collins, and, given her history, it is a test we cannot count on her to pass. I am tired of Senator Collins being described as a “moderate” when she has voted with President Trump nearly 90% of the time. In fact, she just had her biggest Republican year in 2017.”
As a Doctor I have seen first had what happens when legislators place themselves in the exam room, inserting themselves into the privacy of the doctor patient relationship. We cannot afford to have a Senator in Washington who does not take the attacks on women’s health seriously. I am on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic that is ravaging our state. I will stand up for the poor and working class by not voting for huge Republican tax breaks, as Senator Collins did. I will stand up for our country when it is under attack from foreign powers intent on meddling in our elections. It is time for Maine to have a Senator who puts her constituents first and isn’t afraid to stand up to her party and the President.

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    “I support Dr. Cat because it is time to close down "Wafflehouse" Collins.”

September 11, 2018

Senator Collins is trying to distract

Instead of representing her constituents, now Susan Collins is trying to play the victim. First she claimed she was not hearing from constituents about the Supreme Court vote - despite the fact that Mainers were calling, writing, tweeting, and leaving messages on facebook. 

Then her staff were witnessed not writing down any information from phone messages! This is astonishing!

Collins moved her attack next to the CrowdPAC fundraising being done if she votes for Kavanaugh. Voters all over the country are making it clear he is the wrong person for the Supreme Court by stating they will help fund the 2020 Democrat nominee for Senate if she votes for Kavanaugh. Now Susan is trying to call that a bribe. Well no. The bribes are the PAC money she accepts. The $10,000 donations from special interest groups and higher. I guess Susan likes her bribes in big bills.

Now her office staff are complaining that people are harassing them - well if they have not been doing their job and logging information perhaps people are getting testy - especially when access to healthcare, women's reproductive rights, voting rights, marriage equality are all on the line.

Grassroots democracy will take America back to the people!

September 8, 2018

Collins still undecided - selling out Maine again

Despite Kavanaugh's testimony this week in which he committed perjury, and astonishingly called contraception an abortifacient, Senator Collins is still undecided on her vote. Kavanaugh has shown in his testimony that he will greatly increase presidential power, not protect people with pre-existing medical conditions, decimate voting rights and likely will go after marriage equality - he refused to answer that question.  Senator Collins continued wavering after this testimony is clearly her usual media dance before she tows the GOP party line. Maine deserves better. America deserves better. We the people  need representation. 

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