I'm Christopher Rufo and I'm running for Seattle City Council District 6.

I’m a documentary filmmaker, writer, and policy researcher. I spent ten years directing documentaries for PBS and Netflix, traveling to the world’s most distant places and discovering how societies work. I've also filmed in America’s poorest communities, learning how bad public policies can put a city into decline.

Here in Seattle, the ideologues on our city council have failed to meet our city's challenges. Over the past five years, rents are up 67%, street homelessness is up 131%, and property crime is now four times higher than New York City. The city council has increased tax revenues by $1.9 billion a year, but their ideas don’t work. 

It’s time for a change. That’s why I’m running for Seattle City Council. 

I’m fighting for a Seattle where our kids can run and play in our parks public spaces. I’m fighting for a Seattle where blue-collar workers don’t have to worry about a tax on jobs. I’m fighting for a Seattle where everyone has a voice, not just the activist class.

With new ideas and new leadership, I know we can make Seattle safe, affordable, and prosperous for everyone. So join me. Become a donor and join our movement for a bold, beautiful, successful Seattle. 

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    “I don't even live in District 6, and I'll chip in to this campaign. I hope District 1 sees a candidate as intelligent and pragmatic as Mr. Rufo. Please keep up the fight, sir.”

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    “Time for some pragmatic, common sense governance. Chris Rufo is offering this.”

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    “I endorse this man due to the intelligent findings in his report on the solution to the homeless crisis!”

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    “Tax fairness and sensible spending priorities in Seattle are points of paramount significance.”

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    “Someone with common sense.”

November 4, 2018

We hit our first 100 donors!

It's a huge milestone: we crossed over the 100 donor mark in less than six weeks.

Thank you for being the early adopters to the campaign. Your courage to be the first people on the team means a lot to me and the rest of the team. I look forward to celebrating victory with you—and 1,000 more small donors—a year from now!

If you're excited about what we're doing, please help us spread the word and add donors to the cause. Email your friends and ask them to join our effort to bring Seattle back to a reasonable center.



October 13, 2018

Great progress the first month

Thanks again for donating to my campaign!

We've made great progress this month. I've been able to set up a website, design our materials, produce new photos, plan the campaign launch, and earn a few mentions in the media. 

I've received calls and emails from people all over Seattle telling me that they want change in District 6. They are fed up with the ideologues and want to go in a different direction. 

If you haven't registered for the campaign launch on October 28, here's the link to the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/event...

Hope to see you.

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!