Change is constant, and it's important. But in democracy--in our city--how we change is up to us. And how we change matters. It matters to people, to our environment, and to this amazing place we call home. I bring a local working family's perspective: appreciation for all that San Luis Obispo is and has been, coupled with a vision for long-term health and sustainability in a progressive, prosperous city of the future. Mindful decisions along the way can bring us there, guided by the values that residents hold dear. How we change matters.

Our housing stock has a missing middle for those who make too much for affordable housing and too little to come anywhere near market rate housing. Our workforce needs housing, and we need to work to fill our toolbox with programs and policies that can support a better housing-jobs balance.

Climate change is happening, and we each need to take personal responsibility to improve. As a city we can implement tools that not only reduce carbon in our community, but also foster a community where reduced energy demand happens through mindful development and individual actions within existing developments.

As our community grows, so should our natural resources protection, open space acquisition and urban green spaces. To continue the vision and high quality of life appreciated by residents and visitors alike, we must be mindful and active in scaling our resources protection to meet the demands of increased population and density. 

Community wellness starts with neighborhood wellness. It takes a village to support one another now and into the future, and I appreciate any support you're willing to share toward a more sustainable path forward...

The City of San Luis Obispo limits campaign contributions to $300 per individual per candidate per campaign. State reporting requires that we collect each contributor's name, address, occupation and employer's (company) name. If you are not currently employed you can state your status as homemaker, student, retired or a similar title. Please enclose this information with each contribution. Paid for by Flickinger for Council 2018 FPPC ID 1406806.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!