We refuse to stand by.

We refuse to stand by as Lindsey Graham degrades survivors of sexual assault while telling Kavanaugh he has "nothing to apologize for."

We refuse to stand by as Republican Senators block an FBI investigation into multiple, credible allegations of sexual abuse by a candidate for SCOTUS.  

We refuse to stand by as Republican Senators fall in lockstep with Trump's dangerous agenda for America while they ignore survivors of sexual assault and defend violent sexual offenders. 

The time is now. We know that when bold, progressive Democrats run, they can win anywhere in the country. 

We're committing to recruiting candidates to unseat each of the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee up for reelection in 2020. 

We'll unseat Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. 

We'll unseat John Cornyn in Texas. 

We'll unseat Ben Sasse in Nebraska. 

We'll unseat Thom Tillis in North Carolina. 

And both Graham and Cornyn voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (Sasse and Tillis were not yet senators). This cannot stand. 

We need your help to do the grassroots work of recruiting and supporting Democratic candidates to run against conservative, entrenched Republicans across the country, like these senators.

Together, we can win. 

You contribution will benefit Square One Politics, an organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting progressive Democratic candidates to run against entrenched Republican incumbents in Congress. Forbes hailed Square One Politics as the organization that will "pave the path for the future of the Democratic Party." 

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    “hes not soporting trump”

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    “Graham has to go no more politics as usual”

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    “Lindsey Graham's behavior is a complete disgrace. I would not be suprised if JM is rolling over in his grave.”

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    “It's not over yet. Survivors will take back our senate.”

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    “His actions are contributing to greater inequality and decreasing the chances of Americans to improve their lives.”

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    “I endorse Times Up for Lindsey Graham and Co. in 2020 because women demand respect.”

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    “I endorse times up for Lindsey Graham whom I no longer respect. He’s become Trump’s mouthpiece and it’s obvious he’s compromised and complicit with party over country. He no longer represents We The People!”

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