It's Time for change!  

  • It’s time for a senator who supports working people and is not beholden to wealthy donors or party bosses! 
  • It’s time for a senator who supports the residents of the district who worked so hard for independent redistricting! 
  • It’s time for a senator who sees the fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin as a protection, not a taking! 

I support: 

  • voter verifiable paper ballots, open primaries, ranked choice voting and all measures to ensure free, fair and open elections that promote a strong democracy and a healthy community. 
  • school property tax reduction, but not at the expense of working people. 
  • Combined reporting of corporate income to stop revenue loss through the "Delaware" and other  loopholes.
  • Schools should be equitably funded from the General Fund on a per student basis.
  • A transition to a 21st century energy policy based on solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power. 
  • Healthcare for all of PA
  • A living wage 
  • Legalization of cannabis with regulations identical to those currently in place for alcohol
  • Hemp as a cash crop for struggling farmers 
  • State Park status for Camp Archbald
  • Animal Rights

John J Sweeney has resided in Pennsylvania for 65 years. He currently serves as Auditor in his Falls Township community. 

He has run a successful small local business for more than 25 years as the sole proprietor of Jay’s Woodfinishing & Painting Services. 

He’s been an active delegate to the Green Party of Pennsylvania for 16 years. 

He has been a long time environmental advocate and community activist, an organic gardener and a musician. 

John J Sweeney is a member of the Clean Money Squad of Pa He is supporting the passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act.

He has been endorsed by Our Revolution Pa,
Action Together NEPA https://www.actiontogethernepa...
and the Green Party of Pennsylvania

John J Sweeney has taken the Political Courage Test and results can be found at Vote Smart

I take no corporate contributions.  All donations will be used to support my campaign and the issues I stand for.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!