After some heavy and continuing reflection, I realize that if change means action,  I'm not going to sit still and wait. I am considering a strong run for US Senate in 2020

Our current junior senator has ignored the American people, especially those who cannot speak for themselves. He voted to approve a Supreme Court Justice after professionals, attorneys, scholars and millions of women said to pause, to investigate, to consider that other candidates could be more qualified.  In this last push to confirm Kavanaugh, Sullivan did nothing to listen to his constituents. Sans his moments of medical emergency, Sullivan was non-responsive. Answering machines were full, doors were closed and he rarely (if ever) reached out to ALL Alaskans to serve us. 

He definitely ignored Alaskans, especially women. He voted to approve several unqualified cabinet members, specifically the Secretary of Education.  The cornerstone of our society begins with the education of our children.  We are in jeopardy of weakening our educational system and success.

Our junior senator came to us financed by outside groups who saw Alaska as an easy target to fill the Senate, taking advantage of our smaller population. This is unacceptable.  We are tired of outside politicians and groups hijacking Alaska politics and ignoring the unique Alaska lifestyle and people.

We NEED a balance in our Senate.  We need more WOMEN in the US Senate.  We need INTEGRITY in the US Senate.  We need CHANGE.  I am going to be part of that change.  

 I am considering (strongly considering) a US Senate Run in 2020. 

Alaska has been my home since 1965.  I have taught thousands of high school and university students.  I have volunteered in Alaska my entire life and when an issue appears in my community, state or country, I get involved. I want to serve Alaskans and my country.  Let's work together to bring sanity, compassion and integrity back to our Senate. I NEED YOUR HELP!



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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!