The path to a Democratic House Majority runs right through Southern California and we need your help to make sure we reach, register and turn out every single eligible voter! Help us by donating to Stonewall's efforts to flip the house and send progressive voices to Washington.

As part of Stonewall's inaugural Leadership Training cohort, we are committed to creating an inclusive and representative government that reflects the values and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community at all levels of office. We need more progressive leaders who will fight for our community and push back against the hostile, discriminatory and draconian policies coming from the GOP Congress and Trump Administration. The best way to do that is to vote and help turn out everyone we can. Help us reach our goal so we can send a strong and clear message to Washington and the rest of the nation this November!

Since 1975, Stonewall Democratic Club has been the home for progressive Democrats in Los Angeles who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight allies of the LGBT community. As the first “Stonewall Democratic Club” in the country established for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals and our straight allies, we are committed to achieving equality for all and to advancing progressive and feminist values through the Democratic Party. Stonewall is an all-volunteer grassroots non-profit political organization and is among the largest Democratic Clubs in California.

Individual contributions will be deposited in Stonewall Democratic Club’s California State account, unless you specifically request otherwise. Such contributions are limited under Federal and State election campaign laws. No anonymous contributions of $50 or more will be accepted.

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    “I support the “Let’s Flip the House Blue” campaign because all Americans need fair and equal representation in Congress, most especially those in underrepresented and marginalized communities.”

October 31, 2018

Thank You!

The Stonewall Democratic Club and our Leadership Cohort want to express our deep and sincere gratitude for your donation and support to our campaign to flip the house and send progressive voices to Washington next week! We exceeded our goal and couldn’t be more excited to put these funds directly to use during this final stretch by sending canvassers across Southern California to help turn out voters in the most competitive districts! We thank you so much for your commitment to our cause and our democracy. 

Make sure to bring friends with you to the polls this Tuesday and check out the Stonewall Facebook page for other ways to get involved and get out the vote!

In community,

The Inaugural Stonewall Leadership Cohort

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!