After the Parkland school shooting, I was compelled to take meaningful action. As a mom of three daughters, I was deeply distressed when my opponent, Republican Rep. Scott Plakon, voted to arm teachers in response — and to learn that he had previously taken no steps to prevent another tragedy in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting that left 49 people dead. An A-rated NRA lawmaker, he recently told The Orlando Sentinel, “I’m not for changing the [gun] laws than what they currently are. The bad guys are always going to get their hands on guns.”  

I strongly disagree. Under his watch, Florida has suffered two of the worst mass shootings in the nation's history. I'm a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense candidate, and I believe we need common-sense gun reform that closes the gun show loopholes and keeps high-capacity weapons in the military where they belong.

My opponent also touts "traditional marriage" as one of his campaign platforms and voted to allow private adoption and foster care agencies to turn away same-sex couples. I'm an Equality Florida Action PAC-endorsed candidate who believes in equality for ALL. 

I'm a proud public education graduate and sent my three daughters through public education here in Seminole County. My opponent has diverted millions in public education dollars to for-profit private schools that receive minimal oversight.

I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. When I'm in the Florida House, I'll fight for Medicaid expansion so that Floridians' federal tax dollars go back into their healthcare. My opponent supports legislation that allows insurance companies to turn away patients with pre-existing conditions. The voters of District 29 should never have to choose between food on the table and life-saving medicine.

I believe personal healthcare decisions belong to women. My opponent has supported legislation to criminalize abortion in Florida without exceptions for rape and incest.

I believe in protecting our natural resources for the future, and my opponent voted to cut environmental protections and septic tank regulations, laying the groundwork for the current Red Tide crisis.

In our recent debate, my opponent said the first bill he would file if he is re-elected would be called "deregulation" in order "to make it easy for businesses."

The Republicans tout that the economy is doing well. We need to ask, "Whose economy?" Are they talking about the teachers who have to work two jobs to make ends meet? Are they talking about the people who make $8.25 an hour? The people I talk to when I knock on doors in District 29 have to choose between eating and healthcare. I'm fighting for them. I'm fighting for US.

And let me clarify one thing: I’m not for raising taxes. Let’s put the money in the state budget back where it belongs. #PutAMomInTheHouse#Flip29 #VoteTracey

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