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My name is Elizabeth Lundstrum. I grew up in Southern California but I have made Joplin, Missouri my home for the past 24 years. My husband Chad and I have been married for 22 years and have 3 children- Our daughter Sarah is in her third year of college, our son Luke just graduated from high school and our daughter Abby is going into her junior year.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Master of Science in Educational Media Design and Technology as well as an Early Childhood and Special Education certification in Missouri.

I have been an educator for 27 years – 20 years in special education and 7 in general education classrooms. I have taught students from the Pre-K level up to high school.  I also worked as a contractor for the Division of Family Services and taught Life Skills classes to teens in foster care between the ages of 16-18 years.

My platform issues include:

Education – making good informed decisions based on data and research that will improve our schools and create educational environments that are conducive to all learners AND teachers/staff.  

Equality- I am a firm proponent of equal work and equal pay. I also want to champion for women’s rights in regards to harassment and gender discrimination.  

Healthcare- affordable and accessible healthcare is very important to me.  

Environment- Clean air, soil, and water is vital for our food sources. We live in an agricultural state- it is imperative that we have restrictions on businesses that create pollution as a byproduct of their industry.  

I have recently been endorsed by Moms Demand Action. It horrifies me as an educator and mother that 2 horrific school shootings have occurred within a 90 day period. I do believe in sensible and responsible gun laws that will prevent these type of incidents from perpetually occurring.

I am running for Missouri state representative because I want to affect change at the legislative level which will impact EVERY person in Missouri. Our lawmakers should represent the average person – and champion for our most vulnerable populations including the elderly, children, marginalized populations, and individuals with disabilities. It appears to me lately that too many politicians fall trap to the corporate lobbyists in their decision making and put money before people.

I am opinionated, strong in my convictions and have the tenacity to follow through with whatever issue/cause I am pursuing at the time.

- Elizabeth Lundstrum

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