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All you need to do is look at her boots to know that Jessica Tiedt is rooted in Texas. Born in Denison, Jessica spent part of her life as an Army Brat stateside and overseas living everywhere from Copperas Cove to Germany. But Texas has always been home. Jessica graduated from Sherman High School in northeast Texas and has lived most of her adult life in Austin, TX.

Jessica knows what it is to serve - her community, her state and her country.  That is why she is running for Williamson County Clerk. 

Jessica has always been passionate about community involvement, and with a career in technology spanning over ten years she believes that her experience and technical knowledge make her an ideal candidate for County Clerk, an office historically plagued with heavy workloads, long wait times and obsolete technology. 

Despite the incredible tools and advancements available to the County Clerk, the office has remained stagnant and a burden on the people of Williamson County, who depend on the office for everything from civil court documents and property records, to criminal filings and jury selection. Jessica believes it should be the goal of the government to serve the people in the most efficient and fair way possible, and it is the duty of the County Clerk to implement every advancement and policy possible to accomplish that goal.  Above all, Jessica believes in the promise of progress and is fighting to bring that to her community.

The fundraising effort here is to cover out of pocket costs to create and produce a campaign video for Jessica Tiedt with volunteers from #Womenforthewin.  All personnel will be volunteering their talents and will not be paid. The funds will help cover costs such as gas and meals for crew and other incidentals.  Monitored for #Womenforthewin by Tolley Casparis.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!