“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone.” These are the wise words of John Quincy Adams, one of our nation’s founding fathers. They are words that I’ve kept close to my heart since childhood. I understand that as a citizen of the gratest nation in the world, I have a responsibility to do my part to preserve our democracy by voting for principle.

And when no such option is present, I recognize my responsibility to stand for principle and offer my service.

I am running for legislature to give voice to those who are tired of dishonest politics. I stand for reality, and speak for those who know we can do better. I represent those who believe we can have health care and education for all and preserve the merits of the free market. I speak for those who believe in our divine responsibility as stewards of the earth to protect our land, air, and water. I stand for those who know that the only limitation on our achievements as a state is will.

As your candidate for state legislature, as your neighbor, I humbly beg you to turn away from media politics and let it go. Gather up the buzzwords and admonitions against the “other side” and throw them out. I dare you to invite an estranged loved one to dinner, do something you used to love to do together.

And when you’re reminded of each other’s humanity, I want you to go out and vote.

Vote for principle.

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