A small business owner, extremely pet friendly, skier and birder who has spent the last 22 years improving the lives of my customers, many now "family" and close friends. So many Coloradans are energy conscience, from recycling, solar and efficient appliances, electric car charging stations. It has been a joy for me to serve our communities. I have spent time in the non profit world working for policies in our State and improving our standard of living. Now it is time for me to use these experiences and be a voice for you; our families, small business, seniors and veterans in Senate District 2. 

I believe in equal opportunity and a better quality of life, working for an economy that works for each of us.  Out on the campaign trail I hear families are concerned for their children's future and the inability to afford health care has devastated lives. Providing affordable health care and reasonable prescription drug prices is a must.

Our creeks have been used as dumping ground and it is time to have the mess cleaned up. Some  communities depend on these waterways for their drinking water. It is time for those responsible to Be responsible.  We've had one of the best public schools systems in the country and we can have it again. And we can fix this with a lean and vibrant state government and a balanced budget.

Colorado ballots are being received, time is closing in. Being a first time candidate, I couldn't do this without all of those who have stepped up. Many of you know oil and gas has donated over $48,000 for this seat. This campaign has to stay in the running and needs to raise $4500 in the next two weeks to end with newspaper ads and a final postcard mailing ready to go.

You are an amazing army of volunteers and supporters, many of you stepping up to help for the first time! I am blessed to have so many working so hard in our District. Thank you!

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Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!