Mathylde Frontus has lived in Southern Brooklyn for over 30 years and has made it her life’s work to better our community. She founded Urban Neighborhood Services to help people with financial literacy, health education, legal assistance, job and housing assistance and more. She also created two organizations to help prevent and reduce gun violence after her 18-year-old neighbor was shot and murdered during a botched robbery attempt. As our assembly member, she’ll continue her work to prevent and reduce gun violence by supporting common sense laws that keep guns out of the wrong hands – because enough is enough. We can’t let more innocent lives be taken far too soon.She’s ready to take this experience and passion to Albany to be the voice Southern Brooklyn deserves.

She won’t stand by and watch neighbors be driven out of their communities because of high rents and decaying, unsafe buildings. She’ll fight to ensure this community has affordable and quality housing. She’ll fight for property tax relief, rent stabilization laws and to improve conditions in NYCHA buildings. Additionally, she’ll work to create and maintain reliable, efficient, ADA-accessible trains and buses.

We also need to do more to take care of our families, and Mathylde Frontus will fight for full funding for our schools and to expand mental health services across the district. She’ll push for effective job training programs and transparent and cooperative economic development programs to grow our economy. Anyone who works full time should be able to afford to live here, which is why she supports a fair living wage.

We're raising funds to create and produce a campaign video with volunteers from #WomenForTheWin, spearheaded by Tolly Casparis.  All personnel including Producers, Directors, Writer, Editors, Camera Operators and Audio Mixers are volunteering their time and talents. The funds will help cover equipment and out of pocket costs such as equipment, travel and meals for crew.  

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!