Although a hard hat,  military and law enforcement uniform is part of his story, it is not his whole story. Those roles have helped him accomplish many missions and develop unique experiences and now he is ready for his next; to serve as the official public servant to City Council, Alderman of the 39thWard.

Joe has been in public service most of his adult life. Currently as a law enforcement member, Joe actively works toward encouraging civic engagement throughout Chicago. Prior to serving his city, he served his country as an Engineer Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Within his two combat tours to Afghanistan, Joe was able to lead troops to war torn areas to rehabilitate and rebuild towns and cities. Preceding his military role, he joined the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local Union No.58 in 1998 and later became a Journeyman Carpenter after graduating from the Apprentice Program. Joe has felt the disruption of the construction industry with job loss due to mismanaged government practices and budgets without a plan. He quickly learned and still values the purpose of unions and their continued sustainability for workers’ rights.

Joe has lived in the neighboring district of the ward his hopes to serve his whole life. Growing up in Albany Park, Sauganash, Jefferson Park and now Gladstone Park, he has always seen his community as a resident who cares. Joe went to Chicago Public schools and graduated from Lane Tech and DePaul, with a B.S in Accounting and minors in Management and Economics. 

Why support Joe? Joe believes in an organic campaign; clean from negativity, free of additives and without the same old processed political agenda. Joe will bring a fresh perspective to the 39thWard and a dose of reality to City Council. Joe is new to the political environment and has demonstrated his commitment to serving others.  He will work for his residents of the 39thWard on immediate local issues and aspire to leadership in City Council for larger dilemmas.   He does not follow the same political playbook we have seen before but is straightforward to his supports and himself. It is his life experiences outside of politics that give him the perspective to understand issues differently and make him qualified to make difficult decisions.

Joe sees what is possible for:

  • Community Engagement- Joe embodies the perspective of a family man who will be responsive to his neighbors needs while working hard to balance the city’s budgets. He believes in government accountability and transparency through improved access to city officials for residents to express their concerns. Whether it is day to day needs for city services or long-term city-wide matters, Joe would ensure the vitality of the ward and city as a whole.
  • Education- Joe accredits neighborhood schools for educating his generation and those preceding. With an increase in school closings and the creation of alternative centers, Joe wants to refocus the image and accomplishments of public schools to invest in them instead of abandoning any possibility of additional funding.
  • Economic Development- Joe’s assignments of Alderman would include efforts toward establishing a task force to aid in growth of small business, preserving the natural ecosystems and environment of the 39thWard and well-being of its people. Continued progress, prosperity, and sustainability for the residents of the community is priority.
  • Public Safety- As a law enforcement official, Joe represents justice and it materializes through his interpretation of the law and actions.  Promoting reduced crime, public safety, and advocating civic engagement is a task Joe maintains and will advance.

Now is the time where voters’ confidence are not fully devoted or entrusted in government officials and politicians but those who have similar triumphs and struggles resonate. Support Joe Duplechin for  39th Ward Alderman!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!