Miguel Ernesto Guardado was born in the late 70s and raised by immigrant parents from El Salvador in Los Angeles California District 9. Growing up in district nine during the decades of the eighties  nineties  was rough  due to gang epidemic . To avoid  getting involved Miguels father enrolled him in a program  to attend school in safer neighborhoods of the San Fernando valley. There miguel Guardado  was able to focus on his education with exposure to a more diverse population. Upon completion Guardado then attended East Los Angeles Community College where he received an associate degree in liberal arts.

To pay for his college expenses Guardado had to balance his education and employment.and  maintained part time employment with Los Angeles Unified School District as a paraprofessional. In these setting Guardado developed as a teacher developing communication , presentation skills and a deeper connection with the at risk students  population . Guard.ado motivated encouraged and guided many youth  an mentored them.

 Guardado  was awarded teacher of the year award 2003/ 2005 / and 2006 for his sincere and untiring efforts  for students physical mental and emotional health was well received by the students and the community. 

It is this same kind of vision and passion that Guardado will bring to District Nine. On a wider scale involving the community at large. Guardado understands the struggles first hand and has learned from experience what resources were needed.

For this reasons Guardado ask for your vote. And promises the same steadfast determination and reform necessary in our community. With your help. Guardadado will bring a voice to the diverse  Community in. Which we reside.

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