Hi, my name is Monique Gatling and I am running to be the next Delegate of the 92nd district. I have spent my career working for Grassroots Organizations within Hampton Roads that focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. I have dedicated most of my life to activism, community organizing, and leadership. My experience in community & field coordinating has helped me better understand the needs of the community. Through influential leadership, research, and politics, I have heard the urgency of my constituents. I have lobbied on behalf of various organizations with election officials to help advocate for various issues that often affect underrepresented people. We need a leader that is accessible and willing to listen.  So I will fight with you for a more representative future for all Virginians. 

We need better resources for our public schools and higher pay for our teachers! I truly believe that the best path to success is a good education. I will fight to increase funding for special education & investing in our public school STEM programs. Students need the support to take non-traditional routes after high school. I will advocate for increased funding and resources for apprenticeships that will allow students to explore alternative options at achieving success.

Bringing new and innovative companies into to the great City of Hampton will aid in expanding our economy. I grew up with parents who worked to put food on the table during the day and ran a business at night to follow their dreams. I understand the importance of supporting small and local businesses.  I want to support bringing small businesses back to Phoebus! It will create jobs, spark innovation and provide opportunities for people across the district, including women and minorities.

I hope to be your next Delegate of the 92nd District, and I will fight for those who are often overlooked and left marginalized. We can no longer wait for change to happen, we have to be the change!

Always in solidarity,

Monique Gatling


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