My love affair with West Hollywood began when I first moved here in 1993. I have fond memories of my first job at the Pacific Design Center, back when it was just the blue and green buildings. I remember being impressed with the friendliness, cleanliness, eclecticism and how safe it seemed. It was so inclusive and diverse from one end of the city to the other. So many lifestyles and cultures, I knew it would be a lifelong love affair.  Currently I live with my husband Shawn and our cat Jade in a quant studio apartment in the Norma Triangle. 

Now, many years later, I walk around and reminisce of those early years and think how can we preserve these qualities for future generations while embracing the growth and change of West Hollywood. 

 For the last twenty years I have beenn a soldier in the US Army, business owner, entertainer, as well as worked in the hospitality industry. My most rewarding position has been as a general manager of two retirement communities.  As a senior living executive not only did I care for the residents, I also lead and mentored a team of young adults. I  worked closely with the California Workability program through the school districts. We had an excellent success rate, the young adults graduated and either stayed employed with me, or moved on to other jobs and college.  For the seniors, I was a friend, counselor, resource, and first responder. This is where I developed my desire to look out for all seniors and the disadvantaged. Ot is our responsibility to care for our seniors, especially our LGBT seniors who may not have anyone to care for them. Together we can ensure that not only do the seniors of West Hollywood have affordable housing, food, and healthcare, but every resident calling West Hollywood home has access to these basic human dignities.

As a leader for most of my life I have learned that not only must you listen to the need of those looking up to you, but you must also show them that you listened. I will be a steward of West Hollywood and preserve its eclectic history as well as serve you fairly!

Your contribution will aid in getting my message out to the public. This is my first campaign and we are going up against big money that has been in office a long time.

Time for a Fresh set of Eyes!!!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!