I'm Alex Campbell, and I'm running for Normal Town Council. I have spent my most formidable years in this town, and have grown to love it as if I were a Normal native. I've been an active leader in multiple large scale organizations on campus, ISU has given me the platform and tools to become an advocate for myself and others. Now I want to extend those skills beyond University grounds into the community that I've grown to love so much.

This campaign is imperative to representation and advocacy for students in local government. Normal's population is comprised of a huge percentage of students or those affiliated with the University, yet there has never been a student on Normal Town Council. This lack of representation has resulted in a gap between the students and the community. If elected to Normal Town Council - bridging that gap will be one of my main priorities. 

I am dedicated to fighting the local leasing companies to try and make more affordable and accessible housing options for students. However, I do understand that there are issues within our community as well. Local residents of Normal can expect me to oppose higher property taxes and push for a stronger welcoming city ordinance. It is time the Normal Town Council takes active steps toward building a community that retains younger people through inclusive social policies, economic development, and transparency. 

By contributing to our campaign, you're becoming a part of our movement. You're allowing us to purchase materials such as postcards, yard signage, and social media promotions. You're giving us the opportunity to tell even more people why we're so eager to represent them on Normal Town Council. Most importantly, you're telling us you believe in this campaign. This means the world to us, because we do too. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!