No one saw my win, but many in the establishment now wish to disenfranchise almost 50,000 voters using cheap legal maneuvers.  My opponent has been funded by wealthy developers, looking for more inside deals and is asking the court to do what he couldn't achieve on election day, overturn the results. 

On election night I had more votes; after the canvass a week later, I had more votes and was certified the winner.  I am confident that I will have more votes after the historic recount next week.  My opponent is apparently confident I will have more votes too, so he has filed an additional lawsuit asking the judges in Virginia Beach to declare him the winner, and over turn the will of the people, claiming I do not reside in the beach district. 

My opponents already raised this issue in the campaign and asked the Commonwealth's Attorney to investigate.  After several weeks investigating last summer the CA released a statement to the Virginia Pilot that the accusations were "unfounded."  My opponent who was the target of an active FBI investigation for corruption because he voted to line his own pockets with public money, who was arrested for Domestic Violence during Domestic Violence Awareness month, is now trying to overturn the election in a crass and malicious political move hiding behind expensive lawyers.  I

need your help to take my seat on City Council so that the 12 year incumbent does not steal this election by manipulating the legal system.  He has unlimited funds and I do not.  He wants to steal the votes and disenfranchise almost 50,000 people.  Please consider donating something to my help me cover legal fees.  Let's take Virginia Beach back from rich developers working their inside deals.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!