I'm Crystal Bergfield, born on the farm and raised by the community. Today, I stand up for our collective communities to run for president in 2020. It's time that a real leader of the people, for the people, and by the people pave a path forward that is just, responsible, equitable, sustainable, innovative, and prosperous. 

I know our country and our people better than anyone; I've taken the time to learn about all of us and our individual experiences. I witness the pain that Americans across the country experience and I study ways to revive our systems to serve we the people.  I am one of the People who are the backbone of this nation’s success. I am running for President of the United States knowing that the people must be led by one of us and someone who has our interests as her guiding principle, not the interests of making money for a political party or the elite few who have access to the President’s ear.

I know we can do this. Yes, I said we. This isn’t about me, I’m not interested in padding my portfolio or getting rich. I’m interested in building systems that support all of us so that I can enjoy peace with my diverse group of friends and family around the country. I’m invested in our country and our people.

A few of the systems that need to be addressed: 

1. Democracy: Democracy requires personal responsibility and participation by all Americans. First and foremost, trust must be rebuilt between our leaders and the people. Establishing a set of ethos that all government leaders must be held accountable to is the first step to ensure responsibility. Ethos that we can all agree on: justice, equity, responsibility to the people, innovation and teamwork. Democracy is a beautiful system and when our leaders are held accountable and we begin to participate in community building how we are able, the United States will be the most desirable nation in the world once again. 

2. Education: Education must reflect the needs of our children and our country's vision for tomorrow. Without guidance, our children will continue to be lost to our current education system that is inequitable and unsustainable. 

3. Health of the People: Our current leaders have simplified the people's health into a platform of health care that is short-sighted and ignores our basic human needs. The health of the people is THE backbone of our country. Without health, we cannot continue to learn, build and innovate. I believe we must examine health care holistically and address real needs and find solutions that support the health of the people without stealing from our future to do so. 

4. Criminal Justice Reform: Our criminal justice system is hurting us all, some more than others. Police officers on the streets, people of color being targeted and punished at inexcusable rates, and the rest of us who love these people: we are all affected by the breakdown of a system that has potential to serve and protect. Justice must the be key element in creating a system that serves and protects.

5. Environment: We can no longer afford to turn our heads away from the reactivity of our earth. It doesn't matter what you believe about climate change, our leaders have a responsibility to secure the safety of our citizens. There are ways to prepare for and to lessen the effects of natural disasters on the people. There is also a hell of a lot we should be doing differently to ensure that our children have a future with access to clean water, clean air, and a sustainable environment. 

There are many more platforms that need to be addressed. I understand the necessity of multi-tasking and addressing our whole interwoven system to ensure justice, equity, sustainability, innovation and prosperity of our country. With so much division among us and our leaders, the United States needs a leader who can unite us behind a vision of prosperity for all, not just a few. 

I am willing to use my power for the good of all, to serve selflessly, guided by Truth at all times. I am capable of leading us in a positive direction with equality for all Americans by building bridges and uniting us as ONE Nation, ONE People.

Will you join me? 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!