I am a mother, community leader, scientist and small business owner who is tired of our  elected officials not representing their constituents. I am running for Chester County Commissioner because we need progressive leaders that will have the courage to stand up for people and communities.

Two years ago the Mariner East pipeline project impacted my family and thousands of other in Chester County, threatening our property values, quality of life, safety and the environment. While our elected officials claimed to be powerless, I and other community leaders stepped up, organizing our communities to grow our collective power and hold our regulators accountable.

This experience has earned me a reputation as a knowledgeable and dedicated protector, who will stand up and fight for the people whatever the issue is. 

 Across the country, the opioid crisis is claiming an increasing number of lives and Chester County is no exception with 140 deaths to accidental overdoses in 2017.  I will fight for all those suffering from the disease of addiction, so that they and their families get the support needed for long term recovery, regardless of financial situation.

Chester County is projecting  to grow by 146,000 people between 2015 and 2045. At the same time, our senior population is expected to double and housing affordability is a growing issue. We need sustainable development that addresses these concerns while protecting our open space, historical resources, family farms and the environment,  improving public and active transportation, and ensuring that all of our communities thrive. 

 Mariner East is just the beginning of this new export pipeline buildout. Twelve more are already being planned to cut through our communities. Instead of being an unwilling participant in the fracking industry, Chester County should aspire to be a leader in green energy, creating jobs for areas in need of revitalization and creating an energy industry to be proud of.  

Your donation today will support my campaign to bring courageous leadership to Chester County.


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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!