I am running for Beloit School Board because I want to be a voice for educators, families, and ultimately students. The vitality of our community is directly tied to the public education we provide, and I want to see Beloit flourish for many years to come. The City itself has improved drastically over the last decade, and it is time for the Beloit School District to follow suit. We need to develop a vision, create structures to support that vision, and be transparent with the public in order to ensure that Beloit will retain educators and families.

Educators deserve a safe, respectable, and supportive work environment. We rely on them to care for our children, and we put our trust in their hands that they are doing everything they can to shape our children into productive members of society. As a Beloit School Board member, I will fight to ensure a sound, consistent, and optimal environment for educators so that they can focus on the number one priority – our children.

Educators help to provide a safe and loving space for our children, which is especially important because each student has their own challenges outside of school. Those challenges are then brought to the classroom and can impact the student’s ability to achieve academic success. We must anticipate this, and do what we can to support students, so that they can be on equal ground as much as possible. It is imperative that we understand the social environment we’re in (social media, economics, etc.) and develop strategies for students to take care of their mental health in order to better perform in the classroom. Regardless of the actions taken, behaviors will still occur. We need to be prepared to offer smart interventions in order to retain academic success for our students and prepare them for their future.

It is equally important to support our special needs families and students whether they are in district or have an out of district placement. They deserve to have a stable environment, and we must ensure that there are proper supports in place to achieve academic success. I am a proponent of keeping children in the environment where they are successful, and not constantly changing their placement. We must also recognize when students need to have a different placement (in district to out of district) and support the families and educators who are on the front lines with special needs students.

As a young, LGBT, disabled, student, I will bring a different perspective to the Beloit School Board because I can relate to our children and we share similar challenges. As a step parent I can relate to the struggles parents face every day sending their children to school. I will ensure educators are being respected and supported in and outside the classroom, that students are being given the best chance for academic success, and that the School Board is being responsible with funds and using other methods to engage educators, students, and the community. Citizens of the City of Beloit have supported our school district historically, and it is vital that we continue to enhance the education our schools provide.

I appreciate your support, and I look forward to serving you on the Beloit School Board.

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