Creating Jobs, Rebuilding the 20th Ward Through TIF Reform

Illegal TIF gifts given to downtown developers who don’t need it actually limit the number of new construction projects and good-pay jobs in low-income communities and disinvest from neighborhoods in the 20th Ward that desperately need TIF funding to build schools, invest in local entrepreneurs and train our youth for the jobs of the future.

I believes TIF funds must be leveraged in a more honest, transparent way so that 20th Ward neighborhoods have access to capital for public infrastructure improvements and new residential and commercial construction. New construction means new jobs for 20th Ward workers. 

Promoting Credit Unions As Affordable Finance Assistance for 20th Ward Families

Because credit unions don't have to make a profit for shareholders, they return their gains to members in the form of fewer and lower fees, lower loan rates and higher yields on savings. 

I will recruit credit unions into the 20th Ward to help low-income families by providing affordable financial assistance that credit unions provide to their members.

Modernizing Chicago’s Public Infrastructure

Recent findings of lead and other toxins in Chicago Public Schools is a disturbing reminder that not only do we need infrastructure improvements to create good-paying jobs but also to ensure the health and safety of Chicago children and families. The U.S. Conference of Mayors estimates that every job created in water infrastructure adds 3.7 jobs elsewhere. 

Currently, the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) does not provide a comprehensive assessment of Chicago’s capital needs. I support leveraging the CIP to develop a complete inventory of infrastructure needs in the 20th Ward and providing a long-term plan for modernizing our infrastructure and putting 20th ward workers back on the job, while building up our sagging roads, tearing down abandoned buildings that cause blight and crime and beautifying our public spaces so that families can be proud of where they live.

Rebuilding the 20th Ward Neighborhood Schools

I believe neighborhood schools are critical to providing a quality, culturally-relevant education for CPS students. I understand that neighborhood schools are also economic anchors in low-income communities where jobs and economic development are hard to come by. I support a robust strategy for reinvesting in the 20th Ward's education infrastructure to restore the economic benefits that were taken away when these four schools were closed, including good-paying jobs, consumer traffic at nearby stores and shops and a community gathering place for neighborhood planning.

Lastly, I'm a champion for real job training inside schools so that a CPS high school diploma comes with economic value in the job market. As 20th ward alderman I will work to ensure all CPS high schools have Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and accredited training in the skilled trades.

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