We're planning to grow the Green movement in 2019 in Pittsburgh! The Green Party of Allegheny County's job is to identify, train, and assist candidates in running for local office -- things like city council and school board that often don't get much media attention but are very important to the lives of local residents. You can read more about our 10 Key Values and campaign platform at our website: https://www.alleghenygreens.org.... Some of the most serious issues as we move into 2019 include banning fracking, creating affordable housing, public transit, ensuring our schools have the needed resources, and criminal justice reform.

Our goals this year include fielding at least 5 candidates in the Pittsburgh area and growing our campaign staff. It also means doing more tabling, door-knocking, and attending marches and rallies to reach more voters about our candidates and our party in general.

So this is where you come in! We're doing our first fundraiser for the year to support these efforts. Your donations will go to the following goals for February:

  1. Send a few Green women to Chatham University's Ready to Run program (https://www.chatham.edu/pcwp/e...) in early February, where they will learn how to run for office and manage campaigns. There is a small $75 fee per attendee.
  2. Develop and print new Green Party literature like fliers, brochures, and postcards so that we can reach more voters. As we learned from our campaigns in 2018, a good size print job of fliers costs around $500 and can go pretty quick at a few events! Plus, the cost of postage can add up!

So to cover the costs of printing, postage, and training, we're setting an initial goal of $1000 so we can be prepared for events this spring. Additional funds beyond this will be used for more print runs, more mailers, and additional items like bumper stickers. A Green Party donor has agreed to match our funding, so raising $1000 will actually mean $1500 for us!

We're already in touch with a couple people about runs in 2019 and are actively seeking more. We've also identified one trainee for the Ready to Run program and are in talks with a few others. So we're super excited and off to a good start for 2019!

Your donation not only helps cover the costs, but tells everyone that Pittsburgh is ready for a Green Party and a Green New Deal that puts people and planet over profits. It's time to have more choice on the ballot in Pittsburgh!

Thank you for your support!

-- Garret Wassermann
GPOAC vice-chair

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March 2, 2019

Thank you for training and prep!

Thanks to the donations now over $250, we were able to send two Greens, Elaine and Katie, to Chatham's Ready to Run program. They brought back some great training notes and experiences that we'll be able to share with others this year as we plan canvassing efforts, advising candidates for office, and more. Thank you again for helping make this possible!

We're also planning our next batch of printed materials for canvassing.

We're looking at having these materials ready by the Green Party of Pennsylvania's convention, which we're hosting here in Pittsburgh this year on March 23rd and 24th. We're excited about the event, especially because we anticipate opening with a keynote panel featuring 2020 Green presidential candidates Dario Hunter and Ian Schlakman, and 3-time Green candidate for governor of New York, Howie Hawkins, the original Green New Dealer in the US! For more information and to register, please see: https://www.gpofpa.org/2019_03.... The convention and special guest speakers are a great way to kickoff 2019 and grow the movement.

Thank you for your support!

January 24, 2019

1:1 Matching Funds!

We just received word that a Green Party donor is willing to match funds 1:1 up to $1000 with this fundraiser. The matching funds will be split with the Green Party of Pennsylvania.

So every dollar you donate will give an extra dollar to the Green Party!

Please share this fundraiser with your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Please help us reach our goal for a successful 2019!

Campaign created!

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