Following the inauguration of Dr. Mark Green to the US House of Representatives, I, Doyle Clark, am announcing my candidacy to fill the vacated State Senate seat for District 22.

I am running Independent because I cannot, in good faith, run this race backed by a political party. I do not want to go to our State Capitol and represent a political party, no matter the affiliation. I want to represent with honesty and integrity the everyman, no matter the tax bracket, no matter their personal beliefs, even if they conflict with my own.

I was born in Erin, Tennessee and raised on the Houston and Stewart County line, just outside of Cumberland City. After graduating High School in Houston County, I worked in the same while attending Tennessee Technology Center at Dickson (now knows as TN College of Applied Technology), as my father had done. My experience working at a restaurant paired well with my trade school coursework and prepared me for 10+ years in client and computer service in the Clarksville area.

I have witnessed firsthand many small businesses come and go very quickly and would like to see many of the opportunities and tax credits afforded to big businesses be applied to our local small businesses. Especially with regards to veteran owned businesses and the insurmountable startup costs many of these heroes face. As a State Senator I would like to combat veteran homelessness and ensure that these men and women are getting the assistance they need when they need it most. Currently, Tennessee has an admirable goal of reaching 75% student reading proficiency by Grade 3 by the year 2025, and State Legislators have been attempting to support our students toward this goal, but seem to consistently fall short by failing to reach out to our hardworking teachers to gain their insights and experience as to what actually works. I would encourage the State Congress Education Committee to develop outreach programs to get this valuable feedback from our teachers and would personally welcome any opportunity to speak with the educators in District 22. Finally, having hoed and tilled the sometimes unforgiving earth of middle Tennessee, any farmers, no matter the size of their farm, can come to my office with their problems and know that I will be voting with their best interests at heart on all agricultural legislatures. Many candidates are quick to sacrifice agriculture for commerce, forgetting that these two things balance our great State’s seal. I live in Clarksville with my wife Sarah, a CMSCC elementary teacher, and our two children, Andrew and Elizabeth. I am a member of Spring Hill UMC in Houston County and regularly work with Clarksville charities to benefit this wonderful community.

Contributions to the campaign will be used for advertising expenses such as, but not limited to, direct mail, signs, and Facebook ads so that the good people of District 22 can find out that one of their own is here and ready to represent them honestly in our State Senate.

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January 31, 2019

Small business support

I always support small local businesses when I can and I’m looking for more small businesses that support me. Being out and about, I’ve had the opportunity to bat around ideas with business owners. Wild and crazy ideas like flipping the tables on tax breaks and giving them to small businesses  instead of big business / mega corporations. I would like to put a poster in every small business in District 22, so if you want one, just reach out. I can bring you a poster and talk about what we can do to keep your business (and dream) alive!

January 24, 2019

On the ballot!

Thirty three signatures were turned in to the Montgomery County Election Commission, and after twenty five were verified, certified copies were picked up. I drove them directly to Stewart and then to Houston County myself to ensure they made it to the respective Election Commissions on time.

The time to qualify for this election has passed and it is myself, another independent, a democrat and four republicans all vying for this seat in the State Senate. I know that the hardworking people of District 22 will choose me, but we have to make sure they know I'm an option. More than an option, a reason to get out and vote.

Campaign created!

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