When history judges our generation, are we going to be judged for caring for the people we represented, or will we be remembered for submitting to the wealthy and well connected? As our country moves closer and closer to an oligarchy, we need everyday citizens to rise up and take their government back. I am a strong believer that politics is an avenue for positive change in our society; unfortunately greedy corporations and politicians too scared to reject their campaign contributions have corrupted the process.

            I managed two rural campaigns in Missouri this past cycle. Our campaigns ran on healthcare, climate change, gun reform, and income inequality. We were not rejected or dismissed, but met with overwhelming support. In both races, the Democrat garnered more votes than any Democrat ever had in either district. These are winning issues in all parts of the country, and not just liberal dreams on the coasts.   

            If elected, my priorities would be not only to expand the Affordable Care Act in Missouri, but work towards a state level single-payer system. Waiting for Congress to act is devastating working Missourians, so the time to act is now. Climate change is rapidly making it more difficult for Missouri farmers to perform daily tasks, and ultimately the loss of revenue. We need to move Missouri forward into a new Green Era, implementing policies to combat climate change, and punish those perpetuating it. Finally, Missourians overwhelmingly passed medical marijuana this past November, it is finally time we join states like Colorado, California, and Alaska and tax recreational marijuana. We can use the revenue to improve our education system, and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

            Jefferson City needs major reform and changes for it to effectively serve the people again. I don't want to play the game of past politicians; I want to flip the game board. It is well past time we build a new system that works for all of US. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!