I am proud and lucky to have lived in this beautiful state of Oregon my entire life. I was born here, attended school here, and work here as a substitute teacher. Now, I would like to work to make Oregon reach her highest potential.

My wife and I are very excited to someday have and raise our children in Oregon. But how will we, as brand new parents, be able to focus on the joys of bringing a baby home, when we first have to figure out how we will be able to pay for our time in a hospital?

What sort of learning experience can our children have when resources for public education are constantly on the chopping block, and higher education isn't affordable without borrowing from predatory loan providers? How can we expect them to learn how to think for themselves while participating in an outdated, authoritarian educational model focused on regiments and indoctrination?

How will our children be able to truly enjoy the fruits of their labor in an undemocratic workplace where their personhood is not valued, and where the majority of the profit from their labor goes directly to, at most, a handful of backroom elites? Or if they choose to start businesses of their own, what safeguards will they have against behemoth corporations with limitless wealth and influence, who will find ways both legal and extralegal to dominate the market?

How will they be able to experience the natural beauty our state is historically known for, when bloated private industries continually get away with poisoning our rivers, polluting our atmosphere, and stripping our earth of its trees and mountains?

How will our children have the opportunity to experience and celebrate cultures and traditions different from their own, when Black, Brown, and Indigenous people are socially vilified, economically swindled, or - in the worst possible case - murdered, simply because of the color of their skin or the rituals of their faith?

How can they rest assured that when the next viral pandemic occurs, they and their fellow Oregonians will have access to all of the necessary financial resources and protective equipment to survive, and will not be offered up as sacrificial lambs by the state for the sake of employer profits?

As your representative for House District 48, I will dedicate my time and energy to finding and enacting the best solutions for all of these issues and more. I am a true grassroots candidate - meaning that I refuse to take money from PACs, corporations, or big unions. Your greatly appreciated contribution will go toward advertisement costs for this write-in campaign.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!