I'm Brittany D. Claybrooks, and I am proud to announce that I am running to be the next Second Ward Councilwoman of the City of East Orange (New Jersey). In 2018, I was elected as District Leader in District 2-12, and it has been an honor to lead in this capacity. In addition, I proudly serve as the Planning Project Manager for the City of East Orange under Mayor Ted  R. Green's Administration. As a team, we are committed to continuing to explore new opportunities in economic development while remaining true to the core of who we are as a city. 

Beyond my formal titles, I am personally driven by my upbringing in Detroit, Michigan. After spending parts of my childhood in foster care, I was adopted into the Claybrooks Family and then reunited with my biological parents later in high school. I have had my share of hardships, but I made it through. My advocacy work around the school-to-prison pipeline, access to healthcare, juvenile justice, sexual assault awareness, criminal justice reform, adequate public assistance, proper foster care oversight, racial inequality, and equitable inner-city redevelopment is motivated entirely by my personal experience. Although I had the privilege to leave home and pursue my education, I consider serving and inspiring people to be my life work.  Public service is not what I do; it is WHO I AM.

In obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management from Florida A&M University; pursuing my Masters in Urban Planning and Development at New York University; and serving at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, The Florida Department of Health, Young Invincibles (Washington, DC), the Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - I have become resolved that public problems don't fix themselves. 

It takes a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to collectively moving the cities we love forward, and that is what I found when I settled on William Street in East Orange. Through working closely with our dedicated Mayor and the East Orange City Council, particularly my dear friend and Second Ward pioneer, Councilwoman Jacquelyn E. Johnson, I plan to continue to fight for and stand with my neighbors in both my ward and the entire city as we create a place that we can remain proud to call our home.
I am committed to standing on the following platform: 
  1. Quality Residential Building Maintenance & Joining the fight against "slumlords."

  2. Equitable Economic Development & Developer Accountability

  3. Improving the quality of life for new and lifelong residents

  4. Working with the Green Administration to address parking; and 

  5. Maintaining Housing Affordability while improving homeowner property values

 In short, I cannot do this without your help. I ask that you take this journey with me via a donation. I am all in and my prayer is that as we set out to change the world through the possibilities we create right here in East Orange that you are too!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!