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I have longed believed that what you put into your community is what you get out of it and when you have the opportunity and ability to invest, serve and effect change for the better you do it! As a resident of the 3rd Ward of San Bernardino for the last 7 years, a graduate of Cal State San Bernardino and a former City employee, I am fully invested, ready to serve and ready to bring positive changes to our city. With you support, I will make sure we are making the right investments to grow our economy, support our residents and move San Bernardino forward!

The first positive change I would bring is solid leadership. I want to work cohesively with the Mayor and Council to create lasting policies that will serve all of us for years to come while building consensus and developing unity among the elected. I have always said, Council members have ideas, but it is the Council that makes the plan. I will take that philosophy with me into each meeting and work together to make plans that better all residents.

My second positive change would be to fix our roads and implement a pavement management plan throughout the city. Using existing city funds to fix the potholes, replace old water lines that are leaking and pave our roads. This plan would vastly expand the scope of the current CIP program and allow us to invest into our aging water infrastructure.

Third, I want to hire more local Police Officers by developing a Cadet-to-Career mentorship program in our local high schools. This program will guide students who want a career in law enforcement through the process so they can achieve their goals!

Fourth combat homelessness throughout the City by applying for all grant opportunities, while working with local non-profits and legislators to create a real plan. The dynamics of homelessness in our city is multifaceted and requires a comprehensive and tangible approach that will produce will real results.

I plan on doing all of this while most importantly being fiscally responsible; holding the City accountable for their expenses. Making sure we are keeping up with our yearly audits, utilizing City workers first instead of outside contractors and developing a clear vision of how to remain financially solvent so we never go bankrupt again.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!