As a fourth generation South Dakotan, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact that regressive policies have on people’s lives. As a single parent, I’ve seen how low wages and disproportionately expensive housing allow people to fall through the cracks and end up living paycheck to paycheck–or just one emergency away from living in a shelter. I’ve experienced how inadequate access to healthcare can make finding a bed for your dad in a nursing home even more difficult. I’ve seen how gerrymandered districts disregard the will of the voters by allowing politicians to choose their voters rather than voters choosing them. Policies impact people. It seems that no one in Washington is standing up for the everyday, working people of South Dakota – that’s why I’m preparing to run to represent South Dakota in Congress in 2020.

I’m running because South Dakota deserves a representative in Congress who works on behalf of all people, not just the wealthy few and status quo politicians who’ve run our state for decades. Our state needs someone who will represent the needs of hardworking South Dakotans–better healthcare, better jobs, and a better environment. That’s why I'm planning to run on a platform that includes support for Medicare-for-All, a Green New Deal, and a Federal Jobs Guarantee.

We are gearing up to officially launch our campaign in the coming months. I have hired my first team members, and we are laying the groundwork to run a bold, progressive campaign for South Dakotans in 2020. To be successful in this endeavor, it will take a strong grassroots effort. With 66 counties to cover, thousands of literature pieces to print, and several more staff to hire, I need your help to build the framework of this movement. Your support today will help us to build the bold, progressive campaign that South Dakotans deserve. 

Contribute today, and share with us in the endorsement section why you think Ellee will make South Dakota stronger. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!