I stand for traditional American values; that is, respect for the Flag, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and honoring those veterans and other American icons, who came before us to make this country great.  God gave us our Rights and they gave us the ability to speak without fear of retribution, to attend or not attend church, to defend one’s self and family, to privacy, and to bring our children up as we see fit.  In short, we have the Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property, which are always close to extinction, requiring a fight to keep them.

As a Marine, I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I took this oath very seriously. In the years since I first took this oath, I witnessed many politicians ignoring the Constitution and doing only what was politically expedient.  This must end. Our country is being torn apart by politicians with personal agendas; specifically, to gain and maintain power over their constituents.

After 35 years of service as a Marine and civilian Intelligence Professional; having worked on very sensitive topics including being a Subject Matter Expert on Port Security, Terrorism, Yemen, and Syrian refugee vetting over the last 18 years since retiring from the Marine Corps, I have a myriad of experience and expertise in the very areas that are being fought in Congress today.  I believe I can add tremendous insight and value to the discussions and potential legislation.

Like everyone else, my life has influenced my positions on many issues – many of which are inconsistent with the positions of Congressman Scott.  One in particular is School Choice for inner city children. I believe all children deserve a high quality education and will support a School Voucher Program that can be used in both public and private schools, at the discretion of the parents.  This is opposed by Democrats as a means to keep poor people poor and dependent on Democrats.  I pledge to help people rise into the middle class, not simply be sustained in poverty for political gain.  

I believe in Limited Government, Free Enterprise, a Strong National Defense, and Traditional American Values.  I will never vote for anything unconstitutional. 

Why have I decided to run for office?  First and foremost because most Americans don't trust politicians but have high regard for the military.  As a retired Marine First Sergeant, I will bring the values of honor, courage, and commitment.  That is, I will always be honest, no matter what; I will maintain the moral courage to give my opinion, even when it conflicts with others in my party; and I will remain committed to my constituents and to the Constitution of the United States, as written and amended.

We must take back the freedoms and liberties that have been part of American culture since its inception.  Over the past five decades, we have surrendered too many of our freedoms to faceless bureaucracies, whether it’s a Homeowners Association, School Board, City Council, all the way up to many federal agencies, as well as to our so-called Representatives.

Many Americans can't put a new door on their home without asking permission but their underage daughter can have an abortion without their permission.  This is beyond ludicrous; this is insane.

When you compare my experiences, both professional and personal, you’ll conclude that I, John Collick,  will represent Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District much better than Bobby Scott ever could.

If you can help elect John Collick, please consider contributing whatever you can and volunteering to help get our message out.  

Note: The maximum contribution limit is $2,800.

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    “Mr. Collick's passion and pure motivation to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons is what the American people need to remain a strong nation.”

April 7, 2019

Time to Begin

This week, I will officially establish an exploratory committee to seek the nomination as a candidate for Virginia's 3rd Congressional District.  In this campaign, I intend to use every form of communications available but the most important is meeting people face-to-face. Therefore, I am asking that all of my supporters in Virginia's 3rd Congressional District help me meet other voters here - and assist in raising funds.  If you'd like more information on how you can help, please contact me.

Again, thanks to all for your support so early in the election process. I'll never forget those of you who supported me from Day 1.

More to come soon.  Have a great week.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!