Hello my name is Jeremy (Logan) Jackson. I have lived in Bowdon most of my life. I have strong ties to this beautiful community. My grandparents were born and raised here and lived here all of their lives. My grandfather worked for Ozier’s and my grandmother worked for Lamar’s/GCO until they closed the doors.  

I am seeking the office of Mayor of Bowdon, because I have seen what this city had and still has to offer. This is a great place for families and singles alike.  I believe in order to get back to where I know Bowdon can be there are three things that need to happen.  Those three things are Transparency, Action and Community.  I would like to now look at each of these individually. 

Community Identity:
 For years Bowdon was known for its Textile industry. There were between 2,000 and 3,000 people in the workforce here, which does not include the Rubber plant that had 3 shifts.  Sadly, all the Textiles plants have closed except for BBI and the Rubber plant burned. As a result, for the last 15 to 20 years Bowdon has not had an identity. It is very important that the citizens of Bowdon hold to who we are historically as we move forward. After, we have restored who we have been this then Bowdon can start to move to the future. 

   We cannot continue to kick the can down the road and ignore the vital services that is needed. We need is someone that will be bold in fixing the thing the that are important and say No to those things that are not vital. The Mayor and Council must have good communication and while making policy discussion must look at the future and not just the present impact.  

    Transparency is all about making sure the residents of Bowdon know what is going on with their local government.  We all want state and federal government to be transparent than why wouldn’t you want your local government to be.  If I have the honor of being elected, I would do town hall meetings quarterly.  I would also give a State of the city address to let you know what the action of the city has been for the last year and let you know what actions will be taken this year. I plan to also have a “coffee with the Mayor” weekly that would be a time for me to hold office hours every week for appointments or walk-ins. 

As I run for the office of Mayor I take with me the knowledge that if I am elected I will be going down in History. I would be the youngest person elected first minority Mayor of the City of Bowdon. If you believe in my vision Donate today and let's get to work. 


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