Passionate About Education and Committed to Community

Education runs in my family. As the daughter of a teacher, the spouse of a teacher, and as a former high school teacher myself, I believe that strong public schools are the foundation of strong communities. Redmond is growing and now is the time to prepare our school district. I would be honored to use my experience and passion to help continue to make Redmond schools the best they can be.

As a Central Oregonian since 1978 and a long-time resident of Redmond, I am committed to education in our community. I've worked for the Deschutes Public Library for 17 years as an Adult Programs Coordinator, organizing learning opportunities with programs that provide lifelong education.

This June, I am proud to say that my youngest son will graduate from Redmond High, having attended K-12 in Redmond School District. Our family’s experience has been exceptional and I want to ensure that other students have the same opportunities.

I believe that students deserve schools that challenge them, parents deserve schools that nurture their children, and teachers and staff deserve respect and opportunities to develop their skills. Our community deserves an engaged board that is in touch with the issues facing our region. As a school board member, I will prioritize planning for growth, exercising fiscal responsibility, supporting staff, and ensuring quality and equitable education for all students.  


  • Quality and equitable education for all students
  • Engagement with our community
  • Prudent fiscal responsibility
  • Preparing for growth

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