Board member, Anne Hall, and I believe that the working conditions of our teachers are the learning conditions of our students. In order to achieve personal greatness as described in Urbana School District #116’s mission, our students require an appropriate learning environment that is rooted in safety, academic excellence, and racial equity. Students, their teachers, teaching assistants, USD 116 staff, parents, and community members are our best partners in this important work. We can only create outstanding schools when we nurture these relationships. Our charge as the Board of Education is to find a future superintendent who understands and respects all of our stakeholders. Racial equity and restorative practices are at the heart of our movement.

My commitment to this district runs deep. My four children are all products of Urbana 116 schools and attended Yankee Ridge Elementary. My oldest is at UIUC now, but the other three are still students here - one at the high school and two at the middle school.


  • Provide Transparent Communication Regarding Prevalence of Challenging Behaviors
  • Communicate and Implement Discipline Code and Procedure with Fidelity in All Schools
  • Establish Student Climate Advisory Committee to Foster Relationships with Students, Parents, Teachers, Support Staff, and Administrators
  • Implement a Consistent Restorative Practices Program in Pre-K and Elementary to Help Acquire Necessary Skills to Navigate Conflict and Prevent Negative Behaviors
  • Increase Volunteer Recruitment and Broaden Reach of C-U Mentorship Program
  • Strengthen Partnerships with Community Organizations to Provide Supplemental Services to Heal Trauma and Prevent Violence in Our Schools

Academic Excellence

  • Implement Universal Screening to Identify Students Eligible for Advance Placement
  • Close Learning Gaps at Pre-K and Kindergarten Levels through Early Intervention
  • Promote Awareness and Access to Acceleration Act Guidelines
  • Train Instructional Coaches in Special Education at All Levels & Add Bilingual SPED Staff
  • Collaborate with Parents to Educate Role and Rights in Special Education Process
  • Establish Equitable Access to Equipment, Supplies, and Resources across District
  • Collaborate with Parkland College and UIUC for Project-Based Learning Opportunities

Racial Equity

  • Establish Racial Equity Advisory Committee to Improve Outcome for ALL Students
  • Develop Five-Year Racial Equity Plan Based on Best Practice Models
  • Clearly Establish Discipline Code and Procedure with Input from all Stakeholders
  • Implement Racial Equity and Restorative Practices Training with Fidelity Across District
  • Develop and Maintain Metrics to Evaluate and Adapt Restorative Practice Methods
  • Recruit, Hire, and Train Diverse and Qualified Staff to Represent the Student Body
  • Regular Review of USD 116 Resolution of Commitment to Racial Equity

● Chair, Ten-Year Facilities and Capital Project Planning Committee
● Early Childhood Program Facility Construction and Expansion
● Dual Language Program Approval and Multi-Campus Expansion
● Yankee Ridge Elementary School Facility and French Dual Language Expansion
● Full-time PE Teachers at the Elementary Level
● Lowered 2019 Property Tax Bill

● Hire Relationship-Driven Superintendent to Foster Trust Among Community, Teachers, Students & Board
● Establish Racial Equity Advisory Committee to Improve Outcome for ALL Students
● Finish Renovations at Wiley and Thomas Paine Elementary Schools
● Improve Data Integrity, Communication, and Student Learning through Five-Year Technology Plan
● Adopt Best Practice Systems Approach to Improve Accountability and Transparency
● Negotiate Fair & Equitable Contracts with UEA to Recruit and Retain Top-Quality Teachers

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