My name is Nathan Strunk, and I am running for the Pocono Mountain School board. 

I can see what must be done in our district. As a recent former student of the Pocono Mountain school district, I have firsthand knowledge of the issues that plague students, Family’s, Teachers and Support staff. Our current school board has made it very clear that they no longer have the will of their constituents in mind and for the longest time the school board has been out of touch with the people that matter in this district, our children, our families, and our staff.

I promise to:

•    Protect our staff- One of My foremost and greatest concern is to protect our staff, whether they are Teachers, support staff or anyone else. The generation of tomorrow cannot rise without the generation of today. I will fight to end outsourcing at every level possible, I will fight to keep strangers out of our school and I will continue to fight to give all our staff the wages they are due because our staff is the foundation of our community.
•    Keep property taxes fair- I do not plan on raising the property tax in the Pocono Mountain school district. Instead, I plan to work with the state government and with local representatives to levy a severance tax on the natural gas industry to fund our schools. The natural gas industry deserves to pay their fair share. They take away from the natural beauty of our home to sell our natural resources to other states while we get very little in return. It is time for that to change.
•    Propose smaller class size- As a member of the school board, I want to fight to keep the number of students in every elementary school classroom down. It has been proven that smaller class sizes have been able to boost the value of a child’s education during their earliest years in school. “Class size is an important determinant of student outcomes and one that can be directly determined by Policy. All else being equal, lowering class sizes will improve student outcomes” – National education policy center
•    I will fight to keep our children healthy- for some time the Pocono Mountain school district has been faced with many health concerns due to their aging infrastructure and water systems in their buildings. Much of the water in our schools have been proven to have high levels of lead and bacteria leading to boil advisories and the school bringing in water coolers. This has put the children of our district’s health at risk. When I am elected to the school board I promise I will fight to have every water tank, Fountain and pipe inspected and if necessary replaced.
•    Propose a realistic curriculum- I promise to introduce a proposal that would recommend that a “Financial literacy and responsibility class” be added to the mandatory curriculum. Our children must be taught how to File taxes, take out loans and create their own budget. This kind of class has been proven to make children more responsible and successful adults.
•    Equal opportunity- Every student deserves an equal opportunity to make there mark on the world. Social status, race, Gender, and religion should never get in the way of a child’s opportunity to learn. I promise to make sure that every child has everything they possibly need to get a proper education, whether that is breakfast in the morning or new educational materials I will always fight to give our students everything they need.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!